Breaking Boundaries

by M.A. Lee

Heartache and Anger seem to follow Melanie wherever she goes. Melanie used to be the beautiful college student from a wealthy Lexington, Kentucky family that everyone admired. She appeared to have the perfect life; a loving family, great friends, and a fairy tale engagement to her soulmate, Brody. Everything was wonderful until one tragic night left her broken and caused a devastating car accident that took the life of a close friend and ended her engagement to her once thought of soulmate Brody.

Cole is a twenty-two-year-old auto mechanic who was bounced from one foster home to the next all his life. He is still mending from a tragic car accident two years ago that changed his life forever. This once angry, brooding alcoholic turned his life around after witnessing the death of Alice, a young woman involved in his car accident.

After a chance encounter, Melanie and Cole find that their lives are bound together by one tragic and unforgettable night that transformed the way they viewed themselves. As they begin to embark on a complicated and at times, volatile friendship, Cole falls madly in love with Melanie. Refusing to be damaged again, Melanie fights her growing feelings for Cole, only furthering her decent into a dark depression.

Can Cole bring light to Melanie’s life again? Will Cole be able to share his secret with Melanie? Will Melanie allow herself to break through the barriers she has created and find happiness?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Pam of Babylon

by Suzanne Jenkins

2016 Honorable Mention Reader’s Favorite Book Awards

Pam of Babylon – Book #1 in the Best Selling Series!

If you like romance series with twists and turns, then you’ll love the Pam of Babylon Series. When Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan, Pam and Jack’s two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other,in this contemporary romance with a touch of noir.

In a tale of marriage and betrayal, Pam’s friendships and sisterly love are stretched to the limit. At what point does a relationship cross over from abuse to choice? And does forgiveness always come with exceptions?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Service Me, Mechanic

by Sylvia Fox

When one door closes, another one opens. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m forced to move back in with my older brother and find regular employment. Stat.

It just so happens that Axel Steele has a front desk opening at his auto repair shop, and I’m the perfect girl for the job.

Well, kind of. I know nothing about cars, but I’m very eager to please.

Mostly because he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on and rumor has it he’s extremely good with his hands. Not to mention that dangerous glint in his eyes suggests he might just want to get under my hood…

Problem is, he’s my brother’s best friend. My very protective older brother who just so happens to be an ex-army bodybuilder.

Let’s keep our passion a secret, Mechanic. Because my body needs a full service, one only your biggest tool can provide.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Wedding Bands (River’s Sigh B & B Book 1)

by Ev Bishop

Ditched by her high school sweetheart, Callum Archer, on the night they’re supposed to elope, Jo Kendall casts out on her own, brokenhearted.

Over the years, Jo reels in a life she loves, centered on the outdoors, fishing (favoring a lucky wedding band lure), and her fine dining restaurant—a life that crashes away when her husband and business partner cheats her, leaving her bankrupt and alone.

Then her uncle dies, bequeathing Jo and her sister, Samantha, his rural property. Jo returns to Greenridge, determined to build a new business and permanent home—without the help of a man. Unfortunately Samantha wants her inheritance in cold, hard cash and hires a lawyer to get it for her, a lawyer who turns out to be none other than Jo’s long-lost love, Callum.

Jo’s fledgling plans—and her heart—are at risk once more.

If Jo can fight her insecurities, she might end up with a wedding band that doesn’t come with a sharp hook. But should she risk everything she’s worked for, yet again? Before she can decide, she needs to know: can a lost love truly be reclaimed?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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