by Colleen Charles

Sexy NYC billionaire Nolan Banks is used to doing what he wants and letting his attorney Charlie de Monaco clean up the mess. After doing something extra naughty, his dad can’t buy him out of it and Charlie can’t even lawyer him out of it. He devises a plan to straighten up and fly right by staging a fake engagement to a capable and intelligent woman. It’s a solid strategy except for one fatal flaw. He picks her.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Rose and the Mask: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

by Victoria Leybourne

The beauty tried to steal from him. Now a curse has trapped them both. Can a Beast learn to love a thief? A retelling of Beauty and the Beast set against the backdrop of 18th-century Venice.

Faustina is a beauty and a thief, not necessarily in that order. She doesn’t believe in magic, just luck, and hers has run out. The last thing she needs is to get roped into a ridiculous revenge plot by her brother—especially when that brother is Giacomo Casanova, Venice’s most notorious libertine.

Benedetto Bellini has never been particularly lucky. The fact that he’s under a beastly curse proves that. Now he’s got a second problem, one that’s washed up on his island in its undergarments and attempted to steal his silverware. He finds Faustina intriguing and infuriating in equal measure. And, thanks to the curse, he’s stuck with her.

Faustina doesn’t know what to make of the sweet, shy and deeply irritating man holding her captive. Does he have something sinister in mind, or is he just trying to keep her safe? And why won’t he take off his mask?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Baker Bear

by Scarlett Grove

Baker Bear, Grayson Baxter, is taking part in a baking reality show. But someone is hunting his mate Donika. Someone who wants to stop her from talking.
Before they can start a life together, that’s as sweet as his cakes, they’ll have to find out who’s responsible. Can Grayson win the contest, keep his mate safe, and solve the case?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Vampire King’s Cage

by T. S. Ryder

What do you do when you’re pregnant with the guy you’re supposed to kill?

Belinda Greene is the best bounty hunter on the planet. So when she’s given the assignment to kill the Vampire King, she can totally do this, right?

Wrong. Soon, Belinda is the one fearing for her life.

Lucky for her, a hot stranger comes to her rescue. The kind of guy she always dreamed about. Perfect.

Until she finds out he’s the Vampire King. And she’s pregnant with his child…

After thousands of years, Vampire King Carlos has finally found his mate. This woman is the one for him. Except she’s human. And she wants him dead.

And unfortunately for Carlos, that’s not his only problem. Someone wants revenge on Carlos, and what better way to do that than kill his unborn child?

Can Carlos capture his enemy and save his child?

Can Carlos and Belinda be together?

Is love stronger than hate?

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Paranormal Romance

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