by Melissa Koberlein

“Ghosts don’t exist but aliens do, and they’re living inside my boyfriend.”

Will has extraordinary abilities thanks to the beings living inside his body. His job is to recruit rare compatible humans to join his kind. His latest search leads him to the spirited Marley. The more time he spends with her, the more certain he is that she’s meant to be his. Meanwhile, she can’t stop dreaming about him. An alluring glimmer in his eyes reminds her of fireflies. When she discovers his true nature, her future is altered forever.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Here Comes McBride

by Victoria Phelps

Simon Prescott is a formidable foe. His family’s money and political force shield him from the law while he practices his unholy hobby – kidnapping, assaulting, and enslaving young women.

He’s selected his next victim. The feisty orphan with hair of flaming red, Ellie McBride.

Lars is determined to rescue the fiery Ellie. He’s led a life on the run and knows the ropes. If Ellie follows his orders, they have a chance. If she doesn’t behave, Lars has a sure-fire cure for that.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Western Romance


Alice In Chains

by Crimson Syn

It’s time to go now, Alice.
Time to dive back into that rabbit hole.
Hurry and finish your tea, Alice.
Then return to where dark things go.

The good doctor thinks he knows it all,
He listens with bated breath.
Pretending his questions are innocent,
Hoping he’s getting you wet.

Don’t cry, Alice.
You chained and broken girl.
You’re not as pure as you were before.
You belong in a twisted world.

Remember the blood and pain.
So sweet are the torturous wails.
Succumb to symphonic sighs.
Make him believe your tales.

It’s time to go now, Alice.
You’ve already waited too long.
The ethereal realm you miss so much
Calls you back with its sensual song.

Take the good doctor with you, dear.
Show him where shattered things go.
He’s mad as a loon, but he’ll see soon.
Show him Wonderland. Show him home.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Secret Daddies

by Natasha L. Black

Settle in for these six full-length standalone romances full of men who take charge in the boardroom and the bedroom! Don’t miss this set of hot billionaire bosses and secret babies waiting to be found out!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Keeping Secrets

by Weston Parker

It’s no secret that me and love don’t mix.
Not after it schemed to rip my heart out and leave me a single father.
The biggest question I have is what to do with forever now that my wife is gone.
As much as I hate it, it’s time for a break from my famous life.
A year off to spend time with my little girl is what the doctor ordered.
Giggles, smiles, and tons of ice cream for the two of us.
And somehow, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen runs the ice-cream parlor.
But getting involved isn’t a choice. Not even when my little girl falls head over heels for this woman that’s stealing my every thought.
No matter how much I want to give up everything for the curvy girl that’s rocking my world day and night.
She deserves far more than me, but I’m just selfish enough to want to deny her another lover.
To take up residence in her heart and stay.
It gets even more serious when I find myself playing her fake boyfriend to her uppity mother.
It’s a part I’d love to play daily.
The promise of healing, love, and a big family have me running fast and hard because that same question plays over and over again…
What if fate takes her away too?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


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