Yeti in the Mist

by Francesca Rose

Catherine Denton loves her ailing husband and is taken aback when he encourages her to take a lover. Reginald, formerly a colonel in the East India Company Army, wants his young wife to have what he cannot give her: children―and his titled brother, Cedric, has offered to oblige. But her brother-in-law is not the man Catherine desires. The male who makes her pulse race is Reginald’s good friend Yolann, the Yeti who served with him in India―and who sleeps just down the hall.

Neither Catherine nor Yolann want to betray their loyalty to a man they love and respect. But neither can deny their desire.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Sweetest Love: The Complete Series (Books 1-3)

by Nicole Highland

Every great love deserves a second chance. Bring the romance home and get swept away with all three stories in the Sweetest Love series in one sweet book!

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

We Belong Together

by Weston Parker

The one that got away… and now she’s back in my life. And in the oddest way. This beautiful woman is working to take over—fast. As if!

Like the guys I work with might listen to her. But crazily enough, they do. All of them.

Except me.

She’s too sweet and innocent. Or that’s how I remember her. But she’s all grown up now. My best friend’s little sister is jacking up my life. And now, I hear she’s saving herself for marriage and not interested in dating casually.

I’ll change her mind.

Funnily enough, she starts to change mine instead. Casually doesn’t sound like so much fun anymore.

I’m playing for keeps.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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