The Devil’s Heart

by Candace Osmond

When Dianna breaks an enchanted ship-in-a-bottle she’s washed away to the past, to 1707 Newfoundland where she’s taken prisoner aboard a pirate ship. The Devil’s Heart.

Fans of OUTLANDER and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN give praise for The Devil’s Heart

After ten long years, Dianna Cobham reluctantly heads home to Newfoundland for her father’s funeral. While sorting through the estate, she discovers her family’s ancestral ties to ruthless pirates through a series of 300-year-old journal entries and an old chest of belongings.

One evening, after too much rum, Dianna accidentally breaks one of the items in the chest, an old ship-in-a-bottle. Within minutes, a tidal wave crashes through the oceanside home, washing her away to sea…and to the past. 1707 Newfoundland, the pinnacle of piracy on the Atlantic Ocean.

Dianna is soon taken prisoner aboard The Devil’s Heart, a pirate ship led by the callous Captain Devil Eyed Barrett. With luck and wit, Dianna earns their trust and gains a spot on the crew as their cook. But luck won’t help her when she learns of the crew’s plan to seek and destroy their enemy, Dianna’s direct ancestors. For years, they’d been trapped by Celtic magic, contained inside an enchanted ship-in-a-bottle, and she unknowingly set them free.

Now, her mission of returning home transforms into an elaborate plan to save her lineage. Can Dianna convince the crew to change their minds? There’s only one way to charm a bunch of blood-thirsty pirates; through their captain. But can she tame the devil’s heart before it’s too late? Or will she sacrifice herself to save the man hidden underneath it all?

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Category: Time Travel Romance

Break Down (Dublin Rugby #4)

by Rebecca Norinne

All my life I looked and wondered. Could I? Would I? And then, finally, I did. But when I sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, my whole world came crashing down.

Now, I’m in a new city, in a new country, trying to rebuild my life and get back the things I lost. But one look at him—those knowing, whisky-colored eyes, the abrasive scruff dotting his jaw, and the colorful ink lining his forearms—and I’m wondering all over again.

Can I? Will I?

My heart says no, but my body says yes.

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Category: Sports Romance

Prince’s Triplet Baby Surprise

by Holly Rayner

One royal birth is a national event. Two royal births are a sensation. What would you call three?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Two Hearts Unbroken

by Tamara Ferguson

Captured along with members of her team after a targeted explosion in Iraq during transport, Airman Sarah Benton is tortured and assaulted as well as severely injured before she’s finally rescued by Captain Brand Reardon and his men, avoiding certain death.

Two years later, honorably discharged from the Air Force as a wounded warrior, Sarah accepts a position as administrator of a new program intent on retraining wounded military men and women planning on remaining in active service.

Now an AFOSI agent, Brand has been sent to Crystal Rock to watch over Sarah for another reason besides as a program liaison. Although Sarah has little memory of her time in captivity, her life could be in danger.

But his assignment is only temporary. Can Brand break through Sarah’s wounded heart before he’s reassigned?

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Category: Military Romance

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