Going Pro: The Complete Series

by Ashlyn Hope

Her real name is Prudence but friends and family call her “Pro.” But despite the nickname, she feels like a bumbling novice at, well, everything. Especially relationships.

As a woman by herself in the big city, Pro doesn’t always feel like she’s living up to her nickname. These days she can’t get a win. One day she’ll be struggling to pay for rent. The next she’ll be dealing with the downfalls of internet dating. She’s all alone in the big city and fighting to keep her business afloat while trying to find love, and none of these things are going her way.

After an internet date goes south, Pro literally runs into the chest of a man on the street–David. Kind, considerate, and absolutely massive, David plays for a local professional football team. Nicknamed “Meat Mountain,” he’s absolutely huge.

Will this finally be one for the win column or will Pro fumble yet again.

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Category: Sports Romance


by Daphne Loveling

Knight in shining armor? More like alpha-hole of the century.

Thorn is dark, rude, brooding and mean. And he’s the man my father has chosen as my bodyguard.

I hate him for abducting me. And I hate my father for not explaining why I need protection. But most of all, I hate this growing attraction for the man that I can’t keep fighting forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1)

by Alisa Woods

Lucian is a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and he’s dying. He has to spawn a dragonling or face the death of another mate. When he rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart, and before he turns feral forever.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Mountain Made Baby

by Aria Ford


I have to go to Wyoming to help my sick grandfather. On my way, I find a tough guy whose truck broke down–he’s dead sexy and I can’t resist a hot man in distress. We hit it off and soon a lunch together turns into more. Way more. He brings me flowers, and then he makes love to me. Reese is unlike any man I’ve ever known–he’s strong and determined, but he listens and cares about me, too.


I have to be strong. I wasn’t strong enough once, and it cost my friend his life. Now I have the family ranch to run, and my past to try and forget. I don’t need any complications–much less the kind of trouble Kelly is. I can’t stop thinking about her. I’m drunk dialing her, buying her flowers, falling in love.
She brings out the mountain man in me.

This is a standalone, full-length 50,000+ words novel. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Also includes A Second Chance Romance novel never before released. Bonus content!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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