To Savannah With Love

by C.D. Samuda

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Her world fell apart when her husband died. Now she must pick up the pieces of his betrayal. What will Savannah do when her dead husband’s secrets are revealed? Will she regret delving into his past?

Starting a new relationship is never easy, but circumstances threw her into the arms of Marcello. However, his bombshell will leave her shattered more than she cares to admit. What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level?

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Category: Interracial Romance

Accidentally All Of Me

by Ali Parker

I’m raising my sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong. This little girl has my heart. And only her. Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet. And a beautiful woman showed up. I didn’t believe in fate. But it seems to believe in me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Fresh Start In Holly Blue Bay

by Cathy Blossom

Welcome to the picturesque seaside town of Holly Blue Bay, where love blossoms in the most unusual of places.

Daisy Clarke arrives in Holly Blue Bay at the request of the town’s mayor. The mayor wants Daisy to perform a marketing miracle on the town, and to increase the visitor numbers too. The town holds a special place in Daisy’s heart as something magical happened to her when she visited this place as a child. She’s determined to show the rest of the world how wonderful the town is, and will use all her marketing skills to do so.

Jacob Smythe is a grumpy handyman who turns up at Daisy’s new office. She immediately mistakes him for someone else, which certainly breaks the ice between them. Just as Jacob is warming to Daisy, the mayor turns up and tells him why Daisy is in Holly Blue Bay. Jacob is furious and refuses to admit the town needs help, especially from an outsider.

Things change over the next few days as Jacob and Daisy spend more time together. They find themselves drawn to each other, and love begins to grow. But then something terrible happens which results in Daisy deciding to leave Holly Blue Bay, and Jacob, behind. Can Jacob convince her to stay?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Punished and Used – Sixty Explicit Stories of BDSM, Ménage, Discipline, Spanking, Femdom, and More

by Alexandra Noir

We all deserve to be punished and used once in a while.
I know that I do!
This bundle has over sixty stories of BDSM, Discipline, Spanking, Dominance, and Submission.
A CEO who needs to be dominated at night by multiple men to keep her bearings.
A Professional Dominatrix who needs to be punished for the things she enjoys doing to men.
An Army Private who gets disciplined by her commanding officer, then by her whole platoon.
These stories and dozens more are available in this bundle!
This is also the only place to get the new series “For Queen and Country!” This series follows a heroine who pretends to be a man to enlist in the 19th century British Army.
Her plan runs into an unexpected complication when a deviant officer discovers her secret and torments her in ways she finds strangely satisfying.

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Category: BDSM

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