Catch of the Day

by Petie McCarty

Cody Ryan gets way more than she bargained for on vacation when she enters the annual all-male Loon Lake Tournament and finds herself paired with a sexy Coast Guard captain.

Gage Connor needs a break from chasing drug smugglers off the Louisiana coast and heads to Alabama to do some fishing. He lock horns with Cody Ryan the moment he arrives at Loon Lake, and the sensual sparks fly.

The mayor of Loon makes up his own rules for the private town tournament. His knucklehead son plans to cheat to win the event, and his daughter just plans to cheat to win Gage Connor.

To further complicate matters, Gage is unaware Colombians stashed uncut diamonds on his borrowed bass boat before he left Louisiana, and they want their diamonds back. The Colombians are playing for keeps and will stop at nothing to retrieve their stash — even kidnapping.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Watching You

by Erica Marselas

Kyle Parker’s involvement with women is limited to observing their every movement. He spent his life blending into his surroundings, being invisible, to avoid rejection and pain.
He could never be more than a watcher – or so he thought.

Many women have been the target of his obsession, but that all changes the day he bumps into Jess Hart, a beautiful brunette with emerald eyes and a kind smile. She changes his course on life and shows him the love he’s been missing. However, his compulsion to follow and watch still overcomes him, and he just might end up driving the girl he loves over the edge.

This is a love story, but with thrill, excitement, self-discovery, passion, and hurt all rolled into one.

***Kyle does not cause any sort of physical harm and/or touch the women he watched. He really is just a watcher***

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Forbidden Love

by Amy Brent

A Collection of Six Amazon Top 100 Novels + 1 Exclusive!

Sexy alphas, rugged, dirty bad boys, single dad’s, billionaires, doctors…and even a p*wn star (brand new).

Forbidden Love is a collection of hot bad boys that will melt your hearts and your panties.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Lucky Kisses

by Addison Moore

Lawson Kent is a jackass of the highest order. Sure he’s got the face of a god and the body of a prisoner dedicated to pumping iron, but every time he’s in my way my blood boils.

His obnoxious mug seems impossible to escape. So when we’re paired together to work on the community interaction project, we call a truce. In fact, the more I hang out with Lawson, the more it seems he really gets me. Not too many people do.

Lucky Madden is a mouthy piece of work. Yes, she’s gorgeous to a fault and that’s precisely why her overprotective, tatted up brother, Jet, pays me the big bucks to make sure none of the idiots at Whitney Briggs University land her horizontal. Only, too bad for me, Lucky Madden is the last person I want to hover over every free chance I get.

Then one night, she cuts the mouthy routine and does something far more productive with those lips, she kisses me. Now I can’t get Lucky Madden out of my mind. I’m addicted in every single way, and soon enough, the only person her brother will want to rip to pieces is me.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore—
Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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