Snow Kissed by the Billionaire

by Lizabeth Scott

Mason Tate is in bras and panties every day. As designer of the Worlds most popular lingerie brand, he knows that the sexier his designs are, the better they sell.

Why then does he find the unimpressive plain white cotton underwear of the woman he rescued in the snow, so irresistible? Perhaps it’s because of the woman inside them…

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Call It Chemistry

by D.J. Van Oss

Is it ever too late for a second chance?

Kate Brady never thought she’d set foot in her hometown again. After all, Golden Grove was the scene of the biggest embarrassment of her life, back when she was “Katie Braces,” the high-school art nerd.

But if she’s going to climb the corporate ladder at her demanding Chicago design firm, she has to take on a re-branding job for a chemical plant on the outskirts of her Iowa hometown. And to do that, she’s going to need the help of her old next-door-neighbor, Peter Clark. The cute guy she’s never really gotten over.

Before he lost his dad, Peter Clark had planned on a prestigious career as a chemical engineer doing cutting-edge science. Now here he is, still stuck in his small hometown, teaching chemistry at his old high school. The last thing he expected was seeing his childhood crush, Katie, back in Golden Grove. But when one trip turns into multiple visits, he wonders if this is a chance to heal old wounds – and maybe more.

Will Kate be able to get the job done while enduring the heart-thumping distractions from Peter? And will Peter take a chance on finding love with the girl he once let get away?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Still Not Love

by Nicole Snow

We can’t. We won’t. Not the heck again.
Mr. Alpha-Jerkface left me in heartbreak city once.
But now he’s my personal protector.
What if I still love the man behind the scalding banter?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Always Mine

by JP James

I fell in love with my husband’s best friend.


After Ryan passed in a freak car accident, I was devastated. We just got married, and it was hard to believe I was a widower so soon after the ceremony.
But then I met Bryce.
Ryan’s best friend from childhood.
Bryce was tall, commanding, and utterly charismatic.
He comforted me with his strong arms and sweet kisses.
But it’s wrong because my husband just passed away.
What will people say?


Conor’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Tall and handsome, with a sweet smile and genuine heart.
He’s a small town boy with solid values.
The problem is that we found each other the day after his husband died.
It happened fast, but love is what it is.
Now, Conor’s afraid of what people will say in this tiny hamlet.
Will they brand him a slut?
A manwhore?
An opportunist?
Yes, he’s a widower … but it’s my job to make him see that love has no timeline.

Note from JP: Let yourself revel in a steamy love story between two gorgeous men. One finds salvation in the arms of the other while heating up pages and establishing a true connection. HEA guaranteed.

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Category: LGBT Romance


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