Inseparable: A Second Chance Romance

by Mia Ford

She’s meant to be mine, and this time I’m not letting her go!
I’m done with gold diggers,
And growing my business is all that matters to me.
I spot her at the bar.
She ignites that passion in me…once again!
And I decide to claim her for good.
I’m gonna make sure she moans my name and begs for more.
And when life seems so perfect,
I discover more about her.
I can’t believe she kept secrets from me.
She’s a woman I never meant to hurt.
And now I am faced with a choice:
Do I let go of the past?
Or give our relationship a second chance?

Two lost souls, running from the pain of their pasts, find love, passion, and more than they could have imagined possible, but are they prepared to do the work to have it all?

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Category: Sports Romance

Playing with Fire

by Amy Knupp

Derek Severson walked away from his career as a firefighter after tragedy shook him to his soul. Running his uncle’s beachside bar gives him the chance to heal, find peace, and avoid entanglements. That is, until Macey, his childhood friend, tracks him down.

After spending two years abroad in a developing country, Macey Locke has come home ready to dive in to her Peace Corps-inspired foundation. But when she learns Derek is suffering, she can’t turn her back. Six weeks on a tropical island to help the guy she’s loved for years? No-brainer.

Derek has no patience for Macey’s good intentions. He can’t help but notice, though, she’s not the same girl he used to know. She’s more. More self-assured, more determined, more irresistible. She threatens his newfound fragile peace, and if he gives in to the passion sparking between them, it could easily ignite into a fire he can’t control.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Heat of the Night

by Amy Knupp

Evan Drake may have had a challenging childhood, but he’s overcome it all to build a life he loves-a career as a firefighter, with lots of friends and female attention, all on a tropical island. He couldn’t ask for anything more…until Selena waltzes into his world.

Selena Jarboe was born into old money, lacking for nothing, except the one thing she aches for most-a stable, secure family. After playing by society’s “rules” her whole life, she throws them aside, walks away from her East Coast mansion, and pursues a life-and a sexy stranger-on San Amaro Island. She can’t regret the no-strings night with Evan…until she learns it has a major consequence.

With an uncertain future, Selena is sure of only one thing-that Evan is the last man who could offer her any kind of security. Evan has a lot of experience fighting for what he wants, but will it be enough to win over Selena forever?

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by Kira Blakely

I need her to play wife. She needs me to play daddy.
Olivia is torture in a Gucci dress. Spoiled and sassy.
Everything I hate, and everything I love.
She’s also my late best friend’s sister and guardian to his daughter.
She’s going to help me clean up my image.
I’m going to help her keep parental rights.
But I’m no daddy. I’m the devil in a black suit. Demanding everything from everyone.
Claiming her innocence has been my deepest desire for years.
Even if it means my destruction.
Too late to stop. Too gone to care.
I’ll pay the price. Anything. Anyone. For her.

All Kira Blakely novels include alphas who know what they want and how to treat a lady. This is a full-length, standalone, steamy romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Auctioned on Valentine’s Day

by Amy Brent

We start at an auction, but I’ve decided to buy her for life.
She’s got curves that have never been touched,
A body that begs to be claimed,
She’s innocent, naïve and needs the money.
I’m filthy rich, and all I want is her – no matter what the price.
One night with her, and I realize, it’s not enough.
But then she runs away…
I want to be her happily ever after.
And when she answers that one door I knock,
I realize…
Sh*t…I’m her new stepbrother!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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