Finding Forever

by RJ Gray, Rachel Blake, Stella Moore

Three sisters, separated at birth, identical down to their DNA. For over thirty years, they lived without knowledge of the each other’s existence until one fateful night changed everything.

Now, a new revelation is testing the bonds of their relationships. Hidden family secrets and broken promises threaten to tear them apart and destroy the family they’ve just begun to build. And it’s not just their relationships with each other on the line.

Can they work past their differences and face these trials together? Or will these three sisters become nothing more than strangers who happen to look alike once again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Mark of the Rose

by Marsha Canham

The Mark of the Rose is the story of two women, one a contemporary working girl holding down two jobs to pay the rent who finds out she is the sole heir to a vast English estate, including a manor house, an ancient castle, and a few hundred million dollars.
Enndolynn Ware has been disguised as Ellyn the Fletcher since her mother was burned at the stake for being a witch. She has been captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham who intends to send her south with one of King Edward’s most feared henchmen. His plans are foiled by Rennwick de Beauvoir and his three companions who have very different orders concerning the young witch. Adventure, romance, ghostly visions and knights in armor. Who can resist?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Dive in Deep

by Ali Parker

Tall, dark, and gorgeous with cobalt-blue eyes. He’s an ex-military bad boy, billionaire owner of the resort we’re staying at. And it’s just what I needed for my celebration weekend after graduating with my master’s. It’s our last girls’ weekend before my friends and I go our separate ways, and it’s going to happen with a bang. Literally. Hopefully. It would be a first.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Wager – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

A butterfly-inducing list of sinful exploits. Three gorgeous studs, looking to share. Can Payton win the ultimate wager? Or will love get in the way?

When Payton takes a Corruption Quiz with her friend Kennedy, she scores abysmally low. So low she decides to spice up her life a bit – especially when the two friends place a bet as to who can most improve their score over the next thirty days.

It starts with Jackson, the gruff, chiseled foreman in charge of renovating the Brooklyn apartment building Payton owns. It continues with Gabriel and Ethan – the sizzling hot guys in unit three. The men work both together and alone, competing hard to check off the many boxes on Payton’s provocative bucket list. Bringing her to all new heights of overindulgence, along with Cameron, the big teddy bear who rounds out Payton’s harem of strong, fiercely-competitive men.

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Category: Erotic Romance

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