by Sophie Austin

Sia Fitzgerald is obsessed with Christmas.
So she’s decided to use her event planning skills to turn Martha’s Vineyard into a winter wonderland.
Which is the last thing I want.
Since leaving the Coast Guard, I own a fish shack.
And once the season’s over, everyone leaves.
It’s amazing.
But now, Little Miss Christmas is screwing all of that up.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

They’re Strictly Friends

by Chloe Liese

Outright enmity between France and England might be long past, but merry war betwixt two people from bookends of the English Channel comes easily to Lucas and Elodie. Verbal sparring, witty jabs, and a feverish dance of mutual interest, their friendship is a model uneasy détente.

Lucas Edwards is the consummate English gentleman…most of the time. He might get a bit tetchy when his office is a mess, and he’s rather particular about his ties, but otherwise he’s as affable as afternoon tea. That is, until a grim diagnosis sets his future on a downward slope. And while Elodie Bertrand might be the only woman he wants—brilliant math-mind, decadent curves, a Parisian flair for butchering British idioms as well as turning Scrabble into a war of words—she’s the last person he’s willing to make a variable in his negative trajectory.

As far as Elodie can project, she and Lucas Edwards will forever exist torturously tangential. No matter that Lucas’ keen intellect, dry wit, his penchant for Shakespeare and innuendo equally infuriate and enamor her. Because, while he might be deliciously tall and dashing, not to mention the most chivalrous man she knows, Lucas has made it quite clear they must remain “strictly friends”. But when circumstances throw them together, Elodie quickly deduces Lucas isn’t putting her off out of disinterest. In fact, after plotting the points of their every intersection, only one solution remains: he actually feels quite the opposite…

The first Tough Love Spinoff, a standalone friends to lovers, forced-proximity romance. Full of lost in translation laughs, Harry Potter Easter Eggs, a cast of international characters, and an oh-so-satisfying happily ever after.

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Category: Multicultural Romance


by M.J. Haag

Locked behind the gates of the unforgiving beast’s estate, Benella faces the beast and starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose. Beauty and the Beast, a timeless classic, comes alive in this adult retelling with seductively dark twists.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Getting Caught in the Rain

by Melinda Barron

Rachel receives unexpected visitors on New Year’s Day: police officers telling her that her former lover’s Aunt Agatha has passed away, and they can’t get in touch with him to tell him.

When Rachel tells Dexter about his loss, it brings them closer together. But as they plan Agatha’s funeral, they find out more about her than they thought possible.

They also find out more about themselves. Can they fulfill Agatha’s final wish, and get back together for the rest of their lives?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

All He Wants for Christmas

by Lulu Pratt

Hey Santa, I’ve been bad
I’m a billionaire and spy Juliet working at the hotel lounge
I want to bend her over the bar
We get caught and she loses her job
I whisk her to paradise
But I caused her to lose her previous job when I bought the company
When she finds out, she leaves
I’ve lost my heart to Juliet
All I want for Xmas is her

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Category: Holidays Romance

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