Because You Came Along

by Ian Finn

My life goal is simple, and nearly complete: Get the f*#k out of Baytown.
Then Colin’s hot self has to come along and complicate everything.

On my last day of work as a nurse at Baytown ER, a stranger runs in screaming at me, demanding that I treat his daughter for an allergic reaction. Colin may be over the top dramatic, but he’s also super handsome, filthy rich, and a loving, doting single father.

They’re in the middle of a road trip together from Los Angeles, and when Colin hears that’s where I’m heading, he invites me to come along with them on their way home. As we navigate the trip with a sometimes bratty, sometimes darling tween prone to health issues due to severe allergies and grief issues because of the death of her other parent, I start to realize I’m falling for this man and that I want to be a permanent part of this little family.

But am I ready to make such big changes? Giving Colin my body is easy: he’s quite skilled at blowing my mind… and other things…. in the bedroom. But giving him my heart out in the open is a lot more difficult.

Can I completely come out for him and deal with everything that entails, including a grandfather bent on suing for custody and a society still biased against gay co-parents?

Or will I decide that the safety of living a lie in small town Baytown outweighs the freedom of being with the love of my life, wherever our journey may take us?

Because You Came Along is a full-length standalone single father, coming out, small town, road trip, rags to riches, opposites attract, billionaire/commoner gay romance novel that combines humor, heat and heart. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happy afterever.

It’s Book 2 in the Baytown Boys series. It can be read and understood alone but, due to related characters and settings, is best enjoyed with others in the series… and a tall glass of water to cool you off after so much steam.

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Category: LGBT Romance

My Professor’s Secret Baby

by Jamie Knight

She’s my student and I shouldn’t be with her.
But now she’s having my baby.

Izzy is only 19, and an academic overachiever in my college science course.
But I want to teach her lessons about a different kind of chemistry altogether.
And lucky for me, my inexperienced pupil is eager to please.
I want to bend her over the lab desk and experiment on her.
She enjoys letting me work her hard for extra credit.
Both of us know the risks, but we can’t stay away from each other.
And now that I’ve put a baby in her, it looks like we’ll always be together.
Because I might be a science geek, but I’m also a tough guy who protects what’s mine.

But will I lose my job once our little secret is discovered?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

His Power Over Me

by Zoe Reid

It’s addictive and misused, but not this time.
This time, it’s the one thing that protects, that guards against the potential of loss.
It’s a glass house in the midst of a turbulent storm.
You see, I have it all.
Wealth. Status. Power.
I am the be all and end all within my small world.
A woman with a tight grip on everyone and everything.
Nothing can soften my blow or tame my fire.
Nothing but Nate. Oh God, Nate can so do it.
And I want him to. Badly.
Too bad he’s married and one of the good guys.
Or is he?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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