The Academy

by Isabella Kole

The Academy, known for being a disciplinary environment is not Karia’s first choice for attending university.

In an effort to clean up the prince’s image and prepare him for his role, his father sends him to the academy.

Karia’s tasked with informing the public, as an investigative reporter about how he’s changed – a tall order, which forces her to spend time with the handsome young royal.

But there is danger afoot, and the very stern, very dark and handsome Master Armstrong doesn’t like the idea of Karia and the prince spending so much time together.

Now, Karia is torn between the two men. She is secretly dating the prince, but there is something about the master that keeps drawing her to him…

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Totally Tori

by Megan McCoy

Sometimes when you aren’t looking for that special someone, the perfect person appears.

After conversing with a man online, he seems to be what Tori is looking for in a partner. Does she dare take the risk and meet him face to face? She never imagined that she’d meet the Sir of her dreams, or that he is, literally, the man next door.

Joseph had been searching, but he didn’t know for what… until he meets Tori. He has so much to teach his little kitten, and she laps it all up.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

The Holiday Heartbreaker Collection

by Avery Hunter

It’s Christmas and it’s time for love in these six spicy novellas! Curl up with military heroes home for the holidays in Operation X.M.A.S. and follow the Vegas misadventures of rodeo cowboys in the Christmas Cowboy Bachelor Auction.

Each couple gets their happily ever after, and there’s absolutely no cheating or cliffhangers.

$0.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Noble Savages: A Dark High School Bully Romance Box Set

by Logan Fox

Five possessive, controlling bullies.
Five strong, spirited heroines.
Welcome to their Savage Kingdom.

$2.99 Previously $6.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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