The Road Leads Back

by Marci Bolden

Sometimes the only place left to go is home.

Kara Martinson always thought her high school crush was out of her league, but they did share one night she’s never been able to forget. Nearly three decades after being disowned by her parents and forced to raise her son on her own, Kara’s made it—her art is being toasted at a gallery opening. Even better, she and her son are finally on stable ground. Until Mr. One-Night Stand himself crashes her party.

Harry Canton always knew Kara would make it as an artist. Almost thirty years after high school, he still considers her the one that got away. But the surprise reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when Harry discovers he left her with more than just memories when he went away to college. Desperate to connect with the family he never knew existed, Harry convinces his son to move cross country for a fresh start with his father—and pleads with Kara

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Category: Contemporary Romance


My Favorite Gift

by Sarah J. Brooks

This year, I only have one wish for Christmas.
I want my wife and our unborn child back.
My enemy took the love of my life.
Quinn. My one and only.
To get her free, I need to fulfill his demand:
He doesn’t want my money. He wants my life.
I must kill myself to save Quinn. And our baby.
I guess we need a X-Mas miracle. The clock is ticking.

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Category: Holidays Romance


Danger Comes in Amber

by Tessa Carr

Can a spark of hope fill the void of fear?

After suffering through a divorce and a few rough years, Amber though emotionally wrecked has not forgotten the man that had saved her life.

His dominance has left a permanent mark on her mind, bringing her comfort even in darkness. Special Agent Michael Alex Braden of the FBI saved her life but that’s not the end of their time together.

With an intense romance that quickly flourishes, his feelings for her leave him craving more, but also scared for her safety. Can he protect her when the threats get closer and closer?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Crown Princess

by RTW Lipkin

After unexpected tragedy strikes, Crown Princess Greyson Jaynes must make an impossible choice: Can she give up the love of her life in order to take on the job she was born to do? Enjoy the twists and turns of a traditional tale made completely new!

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Dating My Best Friend

by Annie J. Rose

We would never forget each other.

It’s been fifteen years since tragedy ripped us apart.
We were just teens, but I never got to tell her I love her.
Now I’m out of the Navy and back in town, and Khloe doesn’t want to see me.
Seconds after we see each other…
I feel the same hot rush of longing she always gave me.
I want her.
But there are secrets in the way.
I’m not the boy I was. I’m a man with demons of my own.
The fears and nightmares that chased me even after I left the Marines.
She’s still hurt that I left years ago.
There’s no room in her life for me now.
This attraction won’t be ignored.
Her lush mouth, the way she touches me that makes all the bad things run for the shadows.
But my secrets, my past, and the demons I carry threaten to scare her off.
I don’t know if she can face it.

I do know I can’t stand to lose her again.
Not when I’d do anything to keep her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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