Moving to Love

by PJ Fiala

Iraq veteran and motorcycle shop owner Jeremiah “Dog” Sheppard is looking forward to the annual Veterans Ride benefit for local vets, but this year he might be rewarded with more than the usual satisfaction of doing a good deed. When he asks the stunning single mother of one of his employees to help with the charity event, he finds himself facing a greater challenge than expected.

Joci James is happy to use her graphic design and marketing savvy to help a good cause but charity might not be her only motivator. She cannot deny a mutual attraction but her bruised heart is closed for business, even to her son’s good-looking boss. Fortunately, the tenacious Jeremiah never gives up without a fight.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



Little Morning Star

by May Sage

After nineteen years of being treated like a time bomb by the witches who raised her, Lily Star Morgan tries her luck in the human world. She doesn’t fit in, but she’s determined to stay, and her decision pays off when gorgeous strangers lead her into a world she never knew existed. A world where she feels she may belong, despite the fact that some would stop at nothing to see her dead.

Roth doesn’t know what to do with his young, innocent mate, who was raised in the dark about everything she needs to know. Enlightening her about the lies and betrayals woven around her isn’t an option, nor can he inform her of the history binding them together; for now, all he can do is attempt to keep her alive.

Although every day with her might just bring him closer to madness.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



Cloaked in Christmas

by T.F. Walsh

After fleeing her abusive ex, wulfkin Cacey Varg and her daughter settle happily with a new pack in Finland. As Christmas approaches, Cacey learns her ex has found them and is on his way to take their daughter back. But a massive snowstorm prevents her from packing up and leaving town – and instead delivers a sexy stranger to her doorstep. Can she trust that he isn’t one of her ex’s henchmen?

Second-in-command to Europe’s most powerful wulfkin, hunter Vincent Lyall’s spur-of-the-moment decision to check on his ailing mother soon finds him marooned at a cabin in the woods by the blizzard of the century. Trapped with this spirited vixen, resisting temptation is easier said than done . . . But she refuses to believe he is who he says he is.

Is love powerful enough to win when two sexy wolf shifters, an unwelcome past, and animalistic urges wreak havoc on the holiday season?

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Category: Paranormal Romance



Full Load

by Piper King


I don’t want just any woman wrapped around my c*ck.

Only one. Annie Jackson, the sweet girl-next-door who broke my heart and got the h*ll out of dodge the first chance she got. She never even knew I had a f*cking ring in my pocket.

Now she’s back in town and looking sexier than ever.

If I’m not careful, she’ll end up back in my bed. And in my heart.


Five years ago, I left the love of my life. I had a good reason, but I’ve never been able to move on with another guy. No one compares to Axel Lee, the trucker with a heart just as big as his c*ck.

When my sister needs my help back home, it only takes moments to come face-to-face with my past—a tattooed, muscled, hot-as-sin past.

He hates me now. I can see it in his eyes.

But I want nothing more than to show him that five years hasn’t erased the way I feel. If I climb inside his truck, will he end up breaking my wounded heart again?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


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