My Dad’s Rival’s Secret Baby

by Jamie Knight

I shouldn’t be doing this with him. He’s twice my age.
And he’s my dad’s rival. But now, he’s put a baby in me.

I’m the rightful heir of my dad’s real estate company.
But he wants to marry me off to a son-in-law who will inherit it.
Unless I can manage to sell a million dollar house on my own.
I go to work for another company, owned by my dad’s biggest competitor.
Wesley is intelligent, hard working… and hot as h*ll.
He takes me seriously, unlike my dad.
But he doesn’t know who I really am.
He wants me to not only work with him, but live with him.
And he wants to have his way with me any time he wants.
Things seem to be really heating up between us.

But what will happen when he finds out my two biggest secrets?
One – my true identity, and two – that I’m having his baby?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Studmuffin Santa

by Tawna Fenske

Brandon Brown is the unlikeliest Santa ever to don a red velvet suit. His abs are more cheese grater than bowl full of jelly and deploying to Syria is the closest he’s come to the North Pole. But family drama sends the jaded Marine home for the holidays and lands him an unexpected gig as Santa.

Jade King is hustling to launch Jingle Bell Reindeer Ranch and isn’t thrilled her sister hired a Santa with sex-appeal. The last thing Jade wants is a beefcake circus, and guys like Brandon bring sleigh-loads of trouble. But Studmuffin Santa proves wildly popular with lusty moms, happy kids, and a mystery foe hell-bent on wrecking it all.

As Jade and Brandon bond over Santa suit malfunctions and risqué Christmas cookies, he becomes her personal protector. Can they mesh their wish lists, or will ghosts of Christmas past bring things crashing down like a fat man in a cast iron sleigh?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Shattered Paradise (Salvaggio’s Light Book 1)

by C. L. Cattano

It takes true love to survive secrets, lies, and betrayals from within and without.

Are you ready for a drama-filled romance serial entwined with comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love?

This dramatic series invites you into the life of Rafaella Salvaggio. Her life has been full of tragedy, secrets, and betrayals. Lately, everything has been spiraling out of control. The past is catching up with her, and she will have to fight to get her life back – even if it means leaving everyone behind.

For Rafe Salvaggio, meeting Eden Kingsley was the best thing in her life, but now, everything they once had is lost. It seems Rafe is constantly being reminded by friends and family that the reasons Eden left were no one’s fault but her own.

For Eden Kingsley, the past eight months have been spent caring for her daughter and trying to fit into her new life with her new fiancé Jake. The arrival of a mysterious envelope sends Eden into a panic. It holds a secret that threatens her and her daughter, and she is confronted with a reality she might not survive.

Will they be able to overcome the events that led to the end of their relationship? Will they be able to just get along for the sake of their daughter? Will the secrets, lies, and betrayal pull them further apart or will true love help them see the truth?

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Category: LGBT Romance

Blue Inferno (Salvaggio’s Light Book 2)

by C. L. Cattano

Rafe Salvaggio has survived her first relationship after her breakup with Eden, but the relationship was short-lived, and she misses having Greer in her life. Alone again and determined to figure out her next steps in life, she keeps busy with her new job and building an art studio to help a grad student while spending more time with her daughter, Bronte. But love and a near-tragic event draws her back toward thoughts of rekindling her relationship with Eden. Those thoughts are corrupted by an unexpected conversation with Jake.

Renewing his efforts to complete his Mission, Jake has agreed to accept the help of Daniel to restore his standing in the eyes of the reverend. When the duo makes their move Eden and Flynn must fight to save Bronte. Eden goes to Rafe for help—but keeps her secret about Jake and the Stewards. To protect his friends, Flynn buys a gun and learns to use it…

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The Alpha’s Woman

by Carolyn Faulkner

When she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered, the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected. It more closely resembles a post-apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Tennessee hills she’s left behind.

Worse than that, it seems that the rule of law is a thing of the past, and that society has devolved into what it was thousands of years ago – feudal tribes warring with each other over precious and rare supplies, which includes females. One type of female in particular.

It is raw, unforgiving, and animalistic. Much like the behavior of the man who takes her and holds her there, forcing her to learn that even she is not unaffected by the changes that have been wrought on the world, proving to her time and time again that she is nothing more to him than a means to obtain children.

And making her scream in agonizing pleasure as he does so.

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Woman is a dark tale with some explicit themes.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Money Can’t Buy Love 1

by Ali Parker

Sometimes love demands a second chance, but it will never be bought, no matter the amount.
Michael Carrington promised himself after losing his wife that he was done with love.
Rainey Foster has finally graduated college, and as a struggling single mom, she just needs someone to give her a chance.
Powerful. Confident. Sexy as Hell.
Lust might ignite the flame between them, but love will have its way.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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