The Found: A Crow City Novel

by Cole McCade

Witness to a murder. Kidnapped by a monster. Willow Armitage’s survival hangs in the balance the night she stumbles into a back alley – and watches a stranger die at the hands of the most beautiful man she’s ever seen.

Lethal. Terrifying. The contract killer known only as Priest is a dangerous unknown, and when Willow wakes tied to a chair in his hideout, the only thing she sees in his fox-gold eyes is death. Yet for Priest, Willow is a dilemma: an innocent, a saint among the sinners he cuts down in the streets of Crow City. His code of honor forbids shedding innocent blood. Releasing her will send her straight to the police. The only answer is a warped game, and his promise: that he will find the darkness inside her and prove that everyone is just as monstrous as he.

When his every kiss is pure sin…can she resist damnation long enough for Priest to find his way to redemption?

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Category: Erotica


The Lost: A Crow City Novel

by Cole McCade

There’s something wrong with Leigh.

She’s known it her whole life. She knows it every time she spreads her legs. Every time she begs for the pain, the pleasure. She’s a slave to her own lusts–and it’s eating her alive. Sex is her drug, and she’s always chasing her next fix. But nothing can satisfy her addiction; no one’s ever given her what she truly needs.

Until Gabriel Hart.

Ex-Marine Gabriel Hart isn’t the kind of man to come running when Leigh crooks her finger. She loathes him. She hungers for him. He’s the only one who understands how broken she is. But Gabriel won’t settle for just one night. He wants to claim her, keep her, make her forever his. Together they are the darkness at the heart of Crow City.

But Leigh has a darkness of her own. A predator stalking her past-–one she’ll do anything to escape.

Even if it means running from the one man who could love her.

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Immoral Society – Book One

by Catherine Hudson

On attending a season in Bath in 1787, what woman would not want to have fun at the dances, visit the theatre and have the chance to meet handsome young men? Feeling jaded from a rather raucous season in London, Anne Sheldon, a beautiful, high-spirited young woman reluctantly attends Bath, the pleasure capital of Georgian England with her family.

Reluctance quickly turns to anticipation when she meets Charles Carroll, a charmingly handsome, and very eligible young man – a man who very much has his eye on the women.

Meeting one night at a ball in the Upper Assembly Rooms have Anne and Charles finally met their match? Instantly she captivates him – never has he met a woman quite like her. Too, she is fascinated by him and instinctively Anne wants to get to know him.

In that one moment Charles is under Anne’s spell, but not only does Anne desire the alluring Charles but many others do too. Popular with the women, Anne has competition on her hands. Primarily, competition in the name of her sister, Josephine, who is used to getting her own way.

Prepared to fight for him, Anne is willing to do anything to secure the love of her life, even though it might betray her family.

If Anne does not triumph, then her happy ending is at stake.

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Category: Historical Romance



A Thief in Time

by Cidney Swanson

Halley’s world is full of hand-outs and hand-me-downs. Even her apartment bedroom is shared, with her distant and self-centered mother. Halley has only a battered blue truck to call her own–until she meets Edmund, the second Earl of Shaftesbury. Edmund has a manor, employs dozens of servants, and has never been close to falling in love–until Halley crashes into his life during an accidental trip to 1598. Now a spiraling series of encounters with a dangerous time-traveling thief will bring their worlds together with heartbreaking ramifications.

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Category: Time Travel Romance


Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers Book 1)

by Penny Reid


Beards, brothers, and bikers! Oh my!

Identical twins Beau and Duane Winston might share the same devastatingly handsome face, but where Beau is outgoing and sociable, Duane is broody and reserved. This is why perpetually level-headed Jessica James has been in naïve and unhealthy infatuation with Beau Winston for most of her life. Whereas Duane and Jessica have always been adversaries. She can’t stand him, and she’s pretty sure he can’t stand the sight of her…

But after a case of mistaken identity, Jessica finds herself in a massive confusion kerfuffle. Jessica James has spent her whole life paralyzed by the fantasy of Beau and her assumptions of Duane’s disdain; therefore she’s unprepared for the reality that is Duane’s insatiable interest, as well as his hot hands and hot mouth and hotter looks.

When Jessica finds herself drawn to the man who was always her adversary, how much of her level-head heart is she willing to risk?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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