Taking A Shot

by Taryn Leigh Taylor

Hockey star Brett Sillinger’s never been afraid of a little trouble. But when his personal life ends up in the tabloids, he knows his career is on thin ice. Luckily, a new team decides to take a chance on him. All he has to do is keep his head in the game. But when temptation walks up wearing black knee-high boots, looking for a night of nameless, no-strings passion, well, what’s a guy to do?

Chelsea London is looking to misbehave. What’s being good ever gotten her, besides getting dumped and passed over for a big promotion at work? But her delicious night of rebellion has unexpected consequences–her hot one-night stand is the latest addition to her father’s hockey team. And suddenly, a single night of bad-girldom isn’t nearly enough.

But one false move, and Brett might spend this season in the penalty box…

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Category: Sports Romance

Prince of Never: A Fae Romance

by Juno Heart

A fae prince with a poisoned heart. A mortal girl with a magical voice. Neither one believes in fairy tales.
City waitress Lara has the voice of an angel and no idea she’s marked as the chosen mate of a fae royal from another realm. When she falls into Faery and meets an obnoxious huntsman, she’s amazed to discover he’s the cursed Prince of Air in disguise. His mother, the queen, is less than impressed. The court of techno-loving Unseelie want her as their own pet. And an evil air mage wishes her dead. Held captive in the Land of Five, she’s certainly hit rock bottom. But songs wield power, and Lara happens to be a true diva. Now if only she can use her newfound magical skill to make the Prince of Never a little less attractive. The first thing she wants is to find a way back home, the last is to fall in love.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Broken Road

by K.S. Ruff

Kristine’s running from a lot of things. Thankfully, she’s got a plan. She’s moving to D.C., issuing a moratorium on dating, and burying herself in work. Enter… Air Force Captain Kadyn Rand. Kadyn derails Kri’s plan with hurricane force. He’s determined to win her heart, but someone from her dark past refuses to be ignored. Can Kadyn save Kri from her past or will she remain forever broken?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Bet

by Natalie Wrye

Of all the names I’ve been called in Manhattan, “good guy” has never been one of them.

But that’s what I have to become…the day my father’s law firm (and sexy lawyer Violet Keats) fall into my lap.

Not to mention…

A salacious scandal.
A hot new court case.
And one unlucky bet.

Being “the boss” has never been harder. Being office enemies with Violet Keats?
Never hotter.

Until one night—and one gamble—change everything.

Guess earning that “good guy” title is going to be much harder than I thought…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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