Endless Love

by DM Mortier

Horrified and devastated upon witnessing the brutal murder of her husband at the hands of her family, Zara Hamilton narrowly escaped with her life, and that of her unborn son, intact. For years she lived in anguish, anger, and mourning over her husband’s death, while struggling single-handedly to raise their son.

Jaden Hamilton has loved Zara for as long as forever. He was first drawn to her as a friend and mentor in high school; recognizing that their love had grown to the forever kind, he married her. Jaden was shattered when she died, and vowed to destroy Zara’s family following their violent assault on him, and their role in his wife’s death.

Years later, he was stunned to discover his wife alive and well in another country. After being beaten, shot, and left for dead, how can he ever forgive her ?

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Category: Interracial Romance

Edge of her Heart: An 18th Century Romance Novel

by Catherine Hudson

Two characters so different. One charming, sociable and fun. The other quieter, quick-witted and a tongue as sharp as a knife, but one thing they have in common is passion.

Disappointed that Isabelle Devlin is immune to his charms, Gabriel Rochester chases her. Typically, she is the one woman he wants. Attracted to her, Gabriel considers her magnificent, and her sharp tongue and barbed words? That only makes him want her more. Determined for Isabelle to want him, Gabriel pursues her and as he states, he always gets what he wants, and in the case of the reserved but fiery Isabelle Devlin will that happen?

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Category: Historical Romance

Phoenix Aglow: A BBW/Phoenix Shifter Romance

by Isadora Montrose

Billionaire phoenix shifter seeks second chance with BBW fated mate.

Curvy Bev thinks Special Forces veteran Lincoln has been cheating on her. But phoenixes are true-hearted and she’s his one and only love.

Alpha male Linc is perched outside Bev’s house freezing in the winter storms. He’s guarding her from the sleaze-ball she fired for stealing, even though his mate won’t pick up when he calls. How can these two reconcile, so he can complete his mission: Marriage and immortality.

Action, steam, suspense and humor blend with surprise twists and phoenix talents to create a sizzling start to the Alpha Phoenix series.

Newly expanded 2nd Edition. Read it today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Make Him Tremble

by P.W. Davies

Trust doesn’t come easy when opposites attract.

From the moment Victor realized he was attracted to Christian, nothing was simple. After all, a straight-laced lawyer shouldn’t get into bed with a hitman, but Victor didn’t exactly ask Christian what he did for a living. A series of encounters between the two men leads Victor to suspect running into Christian isn’t a coincidence, but that hint of danger is exactly what Victor wants.

What Victor doesn’t realize is the enigmatic, blue-eyed man he’s chosen to explore his bisexuality with has targeted one of his co-workers. As Christian fights his growing interest in Victor, the deceptions start piling up. The question is, when those secrets come to light, can they trust their hearts to someone with such a different life?

Especially if it means a relationship with a body count.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Second Chance Bride (A Fake Fiancee Romance)

by Samantha West

Jason Anderson is the first guy I ever wanted.
Infuriatingly hot, frustratingly off-limits.
He’s also the one guy I’ve always been warned to stay away from.

So I listened. It’s not like he ever saw me as more than his friend’s little sister, anyway.
Fast forward five years and he’s hired to keep an eye on the girls in my pageant.
I went from prom queen to beauty queen, and I’m about to be kicked out of the contest all because of a headline:


So I ask Jason to do something crazy – pose as my fiancé to help me look like the perfect beauty queen with a gorgeous man on my arm.
But I have to keep reminding myself this engagement is fake.
Because the way he touches me with that heat behind his skin, the way he knows every single detail about me is very real.
Competing in the pageant? That’s the easy part.
Now all I have to do is the hardest thing of all – not fall in love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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