Maid Marian and the Lawman

by Deb Stover

1896 Oklahoma Indian Territory

Mary Goode has spent years hiding her sweetly off-kilter brother, Robin, and two fellow misfits after rescuing them from an institution. Unknown to Mary, their fascination with Robin Hood and his “steal from the rich to give to the poor” may have led to a few actual robberies.

U.S. Marshal Shane Latimer is after the inept Robin Hood and his Merry Men when a spooked horse lands him in the care of Robin’s protective sister, Mary, aka Maid Marian.

He’s charmed by Mary’s devotion to her brood, the appeal of their family affection, love, and loyalty, combined with Mary’s growing hold on his heart, is hard to resist. Can he reconcile his duties as a lawman with his love for Maid Marian and her outlaws?

Mary is equally torn. This wounded stranger could be the man of her dreams, but will he forever shatter the idyllic life she’s forged for her special family?

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Category: Western Romance

Kiss Me At Midnight

by Lucinda Whitney

She’s a single mom holding on to her job. He’s a career man focused on his business. Can they put the past behind them in order to build a future together?

When Filipe Romano arrives at the SoliMar beach resort, his newest acquisition, he plans to complete renovations quickly before moving on to his next property. But a stumbling block arises when he discovers Celeste, the sister of his deceased best friend, is an employee at the resort’s aquarium, which he intends to sell. To complicate matters more, he has unresolved feelings for Celeste and blames himself for the accident that killed her brother.

Celeste Ferreira, a stressed single mom, needs a miracle. Without any means to start over, she clings to the job she loves as aquarist at the SoliMar Aquarium. After she discovers the new owner is Filipe, an old family friend, their history makes it hard for Celeste to trust him, especially with her position in peril.
Though closing down the aquarium makes good financial sense, Filipe finds himself reluctant to disappoint Celeste and decides to help her with the repairs for the upcoming inspection. But is working side by side enough to forget the past and build a new future, or is the pain between them too deep to move on?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Juniper Smoke

by Sadia Ash

“There is just so much to love about this book that I want to yell from the rooftops for everyone to read it! Juniper might be one of the sassiest, wittiest and smartest heroines I have read in a long time. She is simply a breath of fresh air. And Kyle Paxton, OMG KYLE!! Where do I even begin. In a sea of billionaire bachelors and dark heroes, he is a standout.” (BOOK BELLAS)

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Shining Star: A BBW & Celebrity Romance

by Lana Love

What I can do with my hands makes women weep.

When my old protege asks me to tutor a young pianist, I’m hesitant.

Lily is exceptionally talented and gifted. She needs the kind of instruction I can give her.

I’m determined to make her my partner and create beautiful music with her. Forever.

Shining Star is a flirty and dirty 20K novella, with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Double Trouble

by Natasha L. Black

My men have me against the ropes and begging for more.

I’m an ER nurse. I play it safe.
Until Jake and Owen walk in, all wicked sex appeal and prizefighter swagger.
The Powers twins are identical in every way.
Jake’s a successful boxer, and Owen is his manager.
Both ex-military, both alpha, both hot as hell.
The way they stroke my body with their eyes makes me feel things I haven’t since I lost my fiancé.
They rescued me when my date tried to drug me.
They protected me like a pair of hot, filthy heroes.
I tried to resist, but there was no turning back.
Every hard muscle feels like it was meant for me, for this moment.
Forget what the world says.
It’s insane that it feels so right.
And when I need saving once again, my boys are right there to deliver the knockout punch.

They might be the competitors, but I’m the winner in this ring.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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