Tamed by Bartenders

by Gilda Gang

Would she dare…?

A waitress at Luckies Bar received an unexpected proposition from three bartenders she worked with for years. The men are interested in Lacie being shared by the three of them. It’s a prospect she hadn’t considered…until now.

Lacie is introduced to a new world of pleasure by Chris, David, and James. Together, they explore her limits and expand her horizons and the beginning of a fulfilling relationship.

This is a story stuffed with depraved group acts for mature audiences only. If that’s not your thing, move along.

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Category: Erotica



by Sophie Austin

I break knees for a living.
But she could break my heart.

I’m the family enforcer.
I go to Martha’s Vineyard with one job in mind:
Protect our family. Stop a rival mob family from trying to take what’s mine.
I never expected to meet her.
It can never work between us.
Dueling mob families.
But sometimes rules are made to be broken.
And sometimes summer love can last.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Can’t Help Falling: Love Stories with a Twist

by M.A. Harper, Patty Friedmann, Adrienne Barbeau

For smart and savvy readers who know there isn’t always a happy-ever-after, but also know what it’s like to power-dive into love, consequences be damned! Who hasn’t been there? We’re taking about the kinds of romances that might be bumpy, might not always last forever, might even end in tragedy (one of these does), but oh, what a ride! Each of these enthralling love stories is adorned with an unexpected twist, be it a tinge of adventurous cozy mystery, young love in the swampy bayou, the unlikely but steamy duo of a vampire and a hot cop, romance in a pharmacy, or the witty coming of age tale of a nice Jewish girl amidst cultural and historical upheaval. And each is as beautifully written as any so-called literary novel.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Merry and Bright: A Sexy and Sweet Holiday Romance

by Lizzy Ripp

Musician Zan Byberi has been dumped by the love of her life just in time for Christmas.
Things couldn’t get any worse…
… Or could they?

Zan’s escaped to have the winter wonderland Christmas getaway she desperately needs at a glam resort in Whistler.
The problem? Her financier ex-boyfriend and his gorgeous, Insta-famous girlfriend have the exact same idea.

Luckily, Zan finds someone to distract her – Jay, a gorgeous, Australian bartender who’s running away from his own problems. With a cheeky grin that melts her resolve, and a touch that sends a shiver down her spine, he’s the perfect holiday fling to forget her troubles with.

And Jay is very, VERY good at making her forget.

With her ex constantly underfoot and her life – creatively, romantically and professionally at a standstill, Zan dives into her tryst with Jay with everything she has… But before long, but finds herself falling farther – and harder – than expected.

One Christmas can’t really change a whole life… Can it?

Merry and Bright is the fourth novel from author Lizzy Ripp, hot off the heels of her runaway hit debut series, The Timberwolves. Don’t miss this sexy and sweet holiday romance. Get your copy now.

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Category: Holidays Romance


Teach Me New Tricks

by Ali Parker

He’s going to make me break my number one rule.
And possibly lose my job.
How dare he?
It’s pretty simple, though. Don’t date students.
Which is normally easy to stick to. Who wants to date an eighteen-year-old boy?
Not me. I much prefer an older man with rough hands that knows what he’s doing.
Enter Mr. Evans.
A single father billionaire with more time on his plate than he knows what to do with.
And the man is brilliant and wickedly delicious.
Much to my surprise, he’s quickly becoming my star pupil, which means he gets more of my time than necessary.
But I can’t help myself.
He’s exactly what I need in my life, in my bed, kissing me at the stroke of midnight…
And the best is even though he’s older than me, he’s more than willing to let me teach him a few new tricks.
Let’s just hope we don’t get caught.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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