by Fiona Roarke

Despite the danger, there are some definite pluses to undercover agent Zak Langston’s current alias as a mechanic slash low-life criminal. He doesn’t have to shave regularly or keep his hair military short. He gets to ride a damn fine Harley. And then there’s the sweet, sexy lady next door who likes to sneak peeks at his butt. Yeah, that was a major plus.
Kaitlin Price has had the worst luck with men. As if her unearned reputation as a frigid tease isn’t enough, she also has to deal with her stepsister’s casual cruelty and taunting tales of sexual conquests she can only dream of. So Kaitlin has never been with a man. So what? So what …
So maybe the sexy bad boy next door would be willing to help her with that.
Gunfire, gangsters and a kidnapping weren’t part of her Deflower Kaitlin plan. Good thing for her bad boy Zak is very, very good. At everything.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Love at first sight

by Mia Ford

Life was f*#king boring till I met her.
The raven-haired beauty on the train.
I spilled my coffee on her, and she b*#ched me out.

Two weeks later she was back. But she was different.
Instead of tearing into me, her sparkling green eyes begged me to make her laugh.
Her delicious, plump lips ignited my desire and made me forget the girl who got away.

But something’s wrong.

She doesn’t remember me. Acts like we just met.
I don’t know if she’s f*#king with me, or if it’s something deeper.
But I’m going to find out.

I was hurt once. Never again.

I’ll prove my love to Tamara and the twins growing inside her.
Life used to be boring, now it’s a f*#king roller coaster.
This time, the girl’s not getting away. This time, I’m chasing after her.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Summer Chaparral

by Genevieve Turner

When star crossed lovers end up in a shotgun wedding, they’ll have to fight for a love that was meant to be. After Jace and Catarina find themselves in a shotgun marriage, old family secrets start to surface. They’ll find themselves battling to save their marriage—and their unexpected love.

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Category: Western Romance


Mission:Black (A Division Eight Thriller Book 1)

by A.D. Starrling

A broken agent. A once in a lifetime chance. A new mission that threatens to destroy her again.

The first novella in the new romantic military suspense series Division Eight, from bestselling author AD Starrling. If you like action-packed, sexy adventures with strong-willed heroes and heroines, then you’ll love this riveting new series.

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Category: Military Romance


O My! (Carnal Knowledge Anthology)

by Gracen Miller

Sexy in Hot Pink by Gracen Miller

Nila Samuels defeated the legendary Baker Stallings at his game in the courtroom, but thanks to his sinful stares she can’t get him off her mind. The bachelorette party at the fetish club started off as a way to blow off steam. She didn’t plan to meet Baker or his partner, Noah, there. Or for them to make her the offer of a lifetime.

Sexy in Yellow by Cozie Winston

Iris Cantrell was labeled the “crazy” member of the O My! Posse. She was pierced, tattooed and willing to try anything once, no matter how dangerous. Swearing off commitments after her last breakup, she wasn’t looking for Mr. Right. When given the task of joining Carnal Knowledge for a bachelorette party Iris was ready for no-strings-attached entertainment. Electrosex was an extreme fetish Iris couldn’t wait to try with Mr. Right-Now. But what happens when electricity sparks between Iris and her not-so-random secret admirer?

Sexy in Rainbow by Sheri Lyn
Jace went to Carnal Knowledge looking for a good time, but what he found was his best friend.

Sexy in White by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Willow Morgan loved her vanilla life. It wasn’t until a fated visit to Carnal Knowledge opened her eyes that she realized how much she was missing out on.

Sexy in Blue by Elle Vaughn

Attending a bachelorette party for her friend at the infamous sex club, Carnal Knowledge, Hazel was hoping to explore her submissive side with a handsome Dom named Blake. But when their encounter includes a surprise guest, Hazel discovers desires she never knew were inside her.

Sexy in Black by Jennifer Wedmore

What’s a vanilla girl to do when her friends drag her to a fetish club for her bachelorette party? Wear black and try to hide from everyone. Of Course.

Sexy in Purple by J.C. Layne

Cason Oliver has it bad. Lily Hamlin doesn’t know he exists. But when a bachelorette party takes Lily to Carnal Knowledge and she meets the dreamy, sexy Holden. Will Cason’s dream of being with Lily be squashed or will Lily get the surprise of her life?

Sexy in Red by Christine Alvarez
Emily Steele knows employees are strictly off limits, but when it comes to Paige Hernandez rules are meant to be broken.

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Category: LGBT Romance


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