Forbidden Planet

by Rinelle Grey

He needs a miracle.

When Captain Tyris Bekkert crash lands on a planet that’s been deleted from the star charts, he’s sure he’s doomed. What he doesn’t expect is to find a village. The residents seem strangely reluctant to help him escape. All except Marlee.

She needs a partner.

For Marlee, trapped on a dying planet, Tyris’s spaceship is a lifeline–an opportunity to change her future. She agrees to help him repair the ship, if he’ll pretend to be her partner to appease the village council, who are obsessed with securing the next generation.

As winter closes in and they’re cut off from their only means of escape, their pretence is tested to the limits, likewise Marlee’s own resolve. The handsome space captain is everything she’s always wanted.

But what’s the point of letting yourself fall in love when you know it can’t last?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

One Night (Nights Series Book 1)

by A.M. Salinger

One night was all I asked for. For him to show me how good it can be — Gabe

One night was all I promised. To give him the best time of his life — Cam

Gabe Anderson wants nothing more than to overcome the scars of his past. Moving to a new city halfway across the world is one thing. Walking into the most exclusive gay bar in town to hook up with a perfect stranger is a whole new ball game.

Cam Sorvino doesn’t do relationships. Period. Having buried his dark childhood behind him, he lives life to the fullest and likes his sex hot, dirty, and for one night only. Though Cam’s instincts tell him that Gabe isn’t the one-night kind of guy, he can’t stop himself from approaching him. When Cam discovers the true extent of Gabe’s harrowing secrets, he makes him an offer he cannot refuse: one night of mindless pleasure to help him overcome his phobia of intimacy.

But when morning comes, will Cam be able to let go of the one man who is able to stir new feelings inside his cold, dead heart?

If you like sweet, sexy men with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to win their hearts, then you’ll love this first novella in the hot, contemporary romance series Nights by A.M. Salinger.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Ali Parker

I’m a loner, and it seems I always will be.
The world is crumbling around me, with villains gunning for my MC left and right, and the only thing that saves me is her.
No matter what or who comes our way, I’ll be ready to protect what is mine.
Cause that’s what bad boys do.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Suburb Secrets: Erotica Story Bundle

by Ivy Kane

The HOTTEST stories of the year gathered in one volume for the FIRST TIME.

Too TABOO to print! To arousing not to read!
The people of East Hollow have all sorts of dirty fun behind their white picket fences. This smoking hot story bundle gives you a taste of their world of wealth and pleasure. This book is STUFFED with naughty stories guaranteed to make your toes curl and pulse rise!

Every human vice imaginable can be found in the country clubs, yoga studios, and boardrooms of exclusive East Hollow. This book is stuffed airtight with shocking stories. Whether its cheating spouses, menage, taboo relationships, cuckolds or hotwives, nothing is off limits for the courtesans of the cul de sac and the studs of the golf course —they do it all!

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Category: Erotica

Sheriff: His Town. His Laws. His Justice

by Maggie Carpenter

Violet Parker cannot believe her eyes. She is staring at a ruggedly handsome man naked from the waist up. Having just arrived in a tiny town northwest of San Francisco it’s the last thing she expected, and she is shocked he introduces himself as the Sheriff.

Cooper Dalton runs his town as he sees fit.. A misbehaving female might well find herself over his knee, and though he’s drawn to the beautiful copper-haired, green-eyed young woman, his instinct tells him she’s harboring a secret.

Violet is on the run from a dastardly detective determined to see her behind bars. He is hot on her trail, and no-one is going to stand in his way.

Brought to you by Maggie Carpenter. USA TODAY Bestselling Author.

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Category: Western Romance

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