Broken Silence

by Felice Stevens

Justin Molina has secrets. He’s served his time but remains a prisoner of his past, unable to forgive himself for failing his family when they needed him most. Justin’s grief is overwhelming, but he keeps silent and focuses on his goals. About to graduate college, he tries to keep his head above water—no matter how many times life keeps knocking him down. When he’s forced to register for a poetry-writing class, Justin discovers putting words to his feelings might be exactly what his fractured heart needs to heal. Or is it the older professor with the bow ties and gentle smile who gives him a chance when no one else will?

Professor Foster Faraday Harding is a broken man. His divorce is final, and he’s reverted back to the safety of his books. Even his poetry no longer brings him joy; he’s sleepwalking through life. The raw emotion of Justin’s poetry awakens Foster to desires he thought long buried in the ashes of his marriage. When he discovers Justin is struggling financially, Foster offers him a solution that benefits both of them. Soon it’s Foster who’s struggling with emotions he can’t understand: Justin is his student. And a man. One crazy night years earlier doesn’t mean anything. Foster is straight.

After months of denying the growing attraction between them, an unexpected kiss changes everything. Justin and Foster are no longer only professor and student—they’ve become lovers, but the strain of hiding their relationship increases with each passing day. Words have the power not only to hurt but to heal the greatest pain. If Foster and Justin listen to what their hearts are saying, they might break through their silence and live their own love poems—together.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Storm the Castle (Marry the Scot, #1)

by Jolie Vines

“Wait,” he said again. “Dinna deprive me of what I’ve wanted to do all night. Anyway, I haven’t finished stripping to persuade you yet.”
Callum McRae reclined once more, almost nude. Glorious. With his legs apart, he took his huge bulge in hand, adjusting himself through the material of his boxers.
“Your persuasion is convincing.”
“Then tell me you turned the man down.”
“Before I came here, I’d already made the decision.”
“Had you now?” A satisfied smirk pulled at his lips. He gave himself a lazy stroke.
“Stop trying to hypnotize me with that. I’m trying to explain it to you.”
Another stroke. “How about you explain a wee bit faster.”

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Royally Charmed

by Lea Jade


But I’ll be her protector, even if it kills me.


I’ve been accused of murder.
One I didn’t commit.

And now, the alluring, human witch investigating the crime has my Lion dying to claim her.
The one female who is off limits to me.

I’m Alpha of the Pride, Heir to the Lion Throne.
I can have any Lioness for my queen, so why am I so hungry for a taste of the forbidden priestess?

That she challenges me only makes me want her more.

But now, she’s missing. Another witch, taken by the murderer.
I will do everything in my power to find her and protect her from him.

She’s mine now.


Lion shifters are the worst. They act like women are possessions, to be captured, broken and bred.
The only reason I allowed him close was a case of mistaken identity.

I thought he was a friend but find out he’s the enemy.
A royal shifter, heir to the throne, who has been lying this entire time.

But I wasn’t expecting my body to recognize him, and want him this badly.
His only crime… destroying my walls and stealing my heart.

And now, the real killer is after me.
He mutilated those witches and now he’s come for me too.

I must escape.
And discover, once and for all, the secrets of my past.

Before it’s too late.


You’ll love this suspenseful, paranormal romance, filled with mystery to keep you guessing,
because who doesn’t love a crime to solve, and a sizzling, happy ending.

Get it now.

Publisher Note: This is a stand-alone, paranormal, romantic suspense story with a smidge of urban fantasy. And Book One in The Royal Bad Boy Shifter Romance Series (if you prefer to read in order).
The story is 18+ with a happy-ever-after ending and no cheating.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Druid Magic

by Jane Stain

Twin Scottish brothers do time-travel errands for Druids

Tavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he disappeared. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artwork, and now her career is taking off. Except Tavish keeps showing up at her job sites and butting into her business – all the while wearing that stupid sexy kilt. But she’s here to see the ruins, not Tavish. So she’ll just have to show him who’s boss at this site. Because under these cliffs at Dunskey Castle it is rumored lies the ancient palace of the kings of Alba (Scotland). Gggrr. Why does he seem to know more about it than she does?

With her new doctorate in Celtic Archaeology, Sasha just got her dream job at a dig in the highlands of Scotland. Where her friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas there, and — wait, is this a good idea?

A call from an old friend stirred up feelings Amber thought she had buried years ago. Kelsey wanted help at a dig under an old Scottish castle. Tomas’s twin brother would be there, so wouldn’t Tomas be there sometimes, too? Amber didn’t jinx it by asking Kelsey that. Nope, she just got on the next flight.

Each of these stories is a complete sweet Scottish romance with time travel and a happily ever after HEA ending for that book’s couple. Scots dialect is used to stand in for Gaelic throughout. The dialect has been toned down, but it still is a bit challenging at first. Many readers love the dialect as something special about this series.

This is a compilation of books one through three in the Dunskey Castle Series: Tavish, Seumas, and Tomas.

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Category: Time Travel Romance

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