by Riley Edwards

What happens when the woman you love doesn’t remember you?
If you’re former Navy SEAL Lincoln Parker, you demand her attention and don’t take no for an answer.
Jasmin Smith was missing pieces of her life. A tingling in the back of her mind and an ache in her chest, told her it was something big. But no one on her team would fill in the blanks. Then a handsome stranger barges into her life. He’s tall, sexy, and bossy. He pushes her to the breaking point willing her to remember.
When the memories flood back, it’s too late. A deadly game of cat and mouse with a long time adversary threatens to tear the team apart.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


In Too Deep

by Mia Ford

The baby that was supposed to bring us all together, has torn us all apart.
She’s mine!
I need to have her.
But fate wants something else.
Very soon she’ll belong to my elder brother.

It’s my brother’s wedding and she is the maid of honor.
She stands across at the altar,
And I just can’t keep my eyes away.

Our attraction is mutual,
A magnetic force pulling us together.
Both of us know it’s forbidden,
But keeping our fling a secret wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it?

That’s just what we thought,
The tragedy strikes,
And our whole world is shattered.

Tomorrow is the day when she’s agreed to get married to my brother.
She says we need to give up, distance ourselves – that it won’t work out!
But I am already in too deep.
How can I give up so easily?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Sweet Spot

by Amy Knupp

Former marketing whiz Kennedy Lowell knows bartending isn’t her destiny. After derailing her life to epic proportions in one fell swoop, though, she’s content with the easy refuge of pouring drinks and keeping to herself. But the arrival of her sexy new boss and two wannabe friends who won’t take no for an answer throws Kennedy into a tailspin. Add the temptation of a homey new bakery desperately in need of a marketing genius and Kennedy begins to wonder if easy is all it’s cracked up to be.

Easy is Hunter Clayborne’s middle name. Uncomplicated is what he expects when he moves home to Nashville to take over the family business. What he finds, though, is the polar opposite of easy—a bar losing money, a family entrenched in doing things the old-fashioned way, and an irresistible redheaded bartender who keeps him at a cool distance in spite of their sizzling mutual attraction.

There’s nothing simple about the chemistry between Kennedy and Hunter. But sometimes, if you can work your way out of your comfort zone, that’s when you just might find your sweet spot.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Almost Wives Club: Kate

by Nancy Warren

Kate Winton-Jones is marrying one of America’s most eligible bachelors; Edward Carnarvon III is rich, handsome and hers. But at the final fitting of her wedding gown, one of the seamstresses pricks her and a tiny blood spot appears on the outrageously expensive gown. Its famous designer fires the clumsy seamstress on the spot, whereupon the girl puts a curse on the dress and storms out. Kate doesn’t believe in curses. She’s modern, American and in love with the perfect guy. What could go wrong?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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