Kat & Maus

by Claire Kim, Brad Chisholm

A remarkable emotional, sensual and visual journey.

Mark Bell is a top Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. He becomes obsessed with proving his wife Kat’s loyalty after discovering a hidden cache of journals and intimate photos which document a sexual appetite she has never shared with him, even though they have been married for ten years.

Mark broods over Kat’s journals – until fate provides a way for him to test Kat’s loyalty.

It’s brilliant – as long as Kat never finds out.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Harvest: Call of the Sirens Book One

by KB Benson

Jace is human. Iris is a monster. But when Iris falls in love with her prey, everything changes. As the tide runs red with the blood of the Harvest, Iris must choose: remain loyal to her family or save the life of the human boy she loves, sacrificing her identity as a siren of the sea.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Taken by the Alpha

by Laxmi Hariharan

“One hell of a primal read, this alpha is a sex god!” — USA Today bestselling author Lee Savino

Perfectly broken. Perfectly gorgeous. Perfect to ruin…

Lucy came to assassinate me,
now I must punish her
I’ve come too far.
Plotted too long.
Lost too much,
to let one woman sweep in and upset all my plans.
She thinks she can redeem me… Not
I plan to live up to my reputation as a monster,
who breaks everything that comes his way.
Starting with her…

This is book 1 of Zeus and Lucy’s story in the emotional and action-packed Knotted Omega Series.

***Dystopian paranormal romance with Omegaverse mf flavor.
Inside the pages: No cheating. Snarly, tattooed, possessive male who will do anything to claim his soulmate.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Unexpected Baby

by Brenda Ford

Zoe Portwood: A s$xy goddess who irritates the crap out of me.
My one night stand, sworn enemy, and…the mother of my child!

I hate her…I’ve always hated her,
And it will never change.
I think she’s been faking it all along…
The baby, the dating, then falling for one another…guess it was all a part of her stupid big plan?
Maybe that’s why she walked away five years ago.

Now, she’s back, but she’s not alone.
She’s come back with a little girl,
Who I think I have a connection with.
God! It’s all so f@cked up!
Looks like I am up against someone who’s pure evil,
And yet, I am supposed to win.
Hell…I don’t have a choice.
I gotta do it for my daughter and for Zoe…the girl I fell for a long time ago!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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