Into Her Orbit

by Miranda Vold

Nobody’s ever had sex in space before.
But that’s about to change.

Maya Tarkanian, one of the new astronauts being sent to help construct the state-of-the-art Atlas Space Station, is approached by a NASA doctor who wants her to collect data while she’s in orbit. Not just any data, though: biological data. Private data. Intimate data.

They want to study zero-gravity sex.

It’s absurd, presumptuous, and totally out of line.

But then Maya meets her new crew—which just so happens to be full of intelligent, competitive, gorgeous men. Men in peak physical condition, wearing skin-tight jumpsuits. Men she’ll be tightly confined with for months.

Alex, the bold engineer, has an easy smile and a quick wit.
Jonathan, the austere and darkly handsome commander, compels respect and oozes authority.
And Vasiliy, the Russian cosmonaut, has a heart so big she could fit inside it—and a body to match.

Suddenly the doctor’s little side project doesn’t seem so absurd.

Can Maya balance the needs of the mission with the needs of her heart? Is there room for romance aboard a space station, or will it just lead to heartbreak and professional disgrace?

And when a terrorist plot to destroy the station is revealed, will Maya even live long enough to find out?

INTO HER ORBIT is a sexy, zero-g reverse harem romance filled with humor, drama, science, mystery, and dangerous adventure—all wrapped up in a passionate bundle of cozy connection. It contains sizzling MF, MFM, and MFMM menage sex, in scenes with and without gravity hot enough to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Dalton Boys Box Set Books 1-5

by Em Petrova

Five brides for five brothers. The Dalton boys must marry to get a piece of the land they love.

Cowboy Crazy–When a pretty little woman is delivered into Hank’s hands, he believes it was fate that kept him from joining his brothers for a “wife hunt” in the city. But she’s leery of men and hiding something dark. Can Hank tap into the attraction they both feel before she drives away?

Cowboy Bargain — Cash figures being hitched to a woman is no different than taking care of cattle, but his bride is driving him crazy. Between her sharp tongue and soft curves, he’s over his head. Finding common ground might be the only way to tame his little bride.

Cowboy Crushin’ — When Witt spies the curvaceous new candy shop owner, he suddenly has a sweet tooth. Trouble is, so does every other man in the vicinity, including his brother Kade. Shelby seems to crave male attention, and they flock to her like bees to honey-flavored hardtack, though nothing she says or does seems genuine. Who is she really?

Cowboy Secret — The part-time school teacher sent Beck into fits of insanity—right before she drove off with his clothes and truck, leaving him naked in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his guitar and cell phone. At least he’d had something to pass the time. Now the woman he’s never forgotten has walked back into his life. And she has a secret.

Cowboy Rush–The new ranch hand has curves that are sending Kade into a skid. Kade’s desires for Ryan are sloping toward dangerous, and she’s had enough of the big cowboy getting in her space and not showing what he’s made of. But as a natural disaster strikes the ranch, they’re forced together. Question is, who will come out on top?

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Category: Western Romance

Head Over Heels

by Brenda Ford

A shattered heart, and a damaged spirit…what do the two have in common?
An explosive chemistry, secrets, danger…

Falling in love with the girl next door who’s just turned an adult was never the plan!
But she’s tempting, alluring, exciting and I can’t stop myself from being drawn in to her dangerous world.
The deeper I sink, the harder it will be to get out,
Yet, I can’t stop myself from falling…
Head over heels in love with her.
Ellie will create an explosion in my life,
I just know it.
But love makes you do some pretty crazy things, right?
And I’m going to win her back.
No matter what it takes!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Zodiac Academy (Supernatural Bullies and Beasts, Book 1)

by Caroline Peckham

If Voldemort ran Hogwarts, you’d get Zodiac Academy. And that’s exactly where I’ve ended up. With four supernaturally hot bullies out for my blood, I barely have time to worry about the vampires, dragon shifters or werewolves in the corridors. Today’s Horoscope? Totally screwed.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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