The Purple Castle

by Quinn Slater

Escaping the tumultuous life with her abusive husband, Zareena vanishes into the dark of night where she finds an enchanted land of mystical and magical creatures in the woods behind her home. But as magical as the land seems, a darkness lies in wait—a witch who desires to sit on the same throne Zareena has been destined to occupy. In her quest to the throne and to wash away the curse the witch has cast upon both Legendary and its king, Zareena must also face her own demons of sexual desire and sexual conquest.

The question for Zareena quickly becomes one of strength. Can she accept her sexual awakening while also freeing Legendary from its 1,000-year curse?

Quinn Slater explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a retelling of a classical fairy tale that explores one woman’s search for herself.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

No Perfect Hero

by Nicole Snow

Too bossy. Too intense. Too freaking blunt.
Consider me smitten with the snarly mess next door.
Warren Ford might be my biggest mistake in this weird little town.
But when danger closes in, why does Mr. Uh-Oh look like my hero?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Mountain Man’s Secret

by Chloe Morgan

The man I was supposed to marry is getting married.
And the bastard has invited me to his wedding!
I could attend with a handsome mountain man.
I just have to convince this new stranger to be my fake fiancé for the weekend.
And then, NOT fall in love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bright Lights Billionaire

by Ali Parker

It’s all a bunch of bulls#@t. Nothing I say or do is real anymore. And I get paid for it. My whole life has been lived behind the bright lights of Hollywood. And I’m living proof that money can’t buy love.

My situation is complicated enough, but then a sweet girl from the local college scores a part as my co-actor in a new blockbuster film. These people are going to eat her alive. Or are they? Poverty has made her tough, but she’s in for the ride of her life if she thinks she’s got this gig in the bag.

I’ll play the part I’ve been handed and love her like a madman on screen, but when the lights dim? No thanks. I’m not interested. No matter how badly my heart aches when she walks in the room. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you never let them see behind the curtain.

Especially if you love them.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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