Night Creatures: Book 1

by Ebony Brightman

An elite Hollywood soiree. A cheating husband. A carnal encounter in the woods… It’s been a hell of a Friday for Nisa Lennox, and the weekend has only just started. By Sunday she’ll have discovered the secret world of Lycans, herself, and possibly true love.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The One I Love

by Mia Ford and Bella Winters

Music might bring them together but their high school memories will try to tear them apart!

I thought I would put my high school heartbreaks out of mind.
But then, he comes back into my life
He’s gotten much HOTTER with the years
Those gorgeous green eyes and that crooked smile makes me so WILD…
And this time he wants me to take a big risk!

And guess what?
He says “I’m the only one he LOVES!”

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Category: Holidays Romance

Vegas Baby

by Amy Brent

I never intended to get married…or pregnant!

I was in the club trying to think how I could create a life milestone.
He was there celebrating a business milestone.
And the next thing I know…
I wake up in his bed,
With a ring on my finger!

My logical reaction – I run.
I run away from him, from Vegas.
Without realizing that I’m carrying a part of him with me – his baby!
That’s why they say what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Fast forward three months, and I receive divorce papers.
That’s what I’ve been waiting for, right?
That’s what he wants too.

He looks at my swollen pregnancy feet and the ‘oh so cute’ baby bump.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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