by Jill Cooper

A retired time traveler finds destiny isn’t done with her as she’s set to wed the man of her dreams. Lara Crane, from the international best-selling Rewind Series, is back and ready for more!

Lara Crane thought she left time travel behind her, but when a remnant from her past arrives to settle a score long thought settled, Lara must find a way to reset the timeline before it unravels the fabric of her life.

With just a week until her fairytale wedding to successful businessman Donovan James, one of Lara’s oldest friends is murdered and thrusts her into a cat and mouse game with a dangerous time travel assassin. With her own powers long dormant, Lara struggles to cope with a danger she can no longer fight.

But the timeline begins to reset. People die who were intended to live and everything Lara knows changes and morphs all around her, she grapples with a life altering decision that won’t just affect her. It’ll change everything.

Lara’s race against the clock is on and it puts her against enemies and family alike. Find out if Lara can save the future without destroying herself in the process.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

My Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride

by Ava Walsh

What do you do when your husband-to-be wants to test you out first? And you have no place to go?

He’s the stuff of women’s fantasies. My fantasies. I answered an ad in the newspaper and came all the way from New York for him. So here I am, ready for my cowboy. He’s devastatingly handsome, but also an arrogant pr*ck. He doesn’t even seem to notice me or my curves. I feel naked under his gaze. Like I’m about to faint. And now he wants to test my worthiness as a wife. To make sure he’s going to be satisfied with me.

I’m about to lose my virginity to a man I don’t even know.

But I’m not backing out. This is a deal. And I’m up to the task.

Two can play this game. Right?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cursed by Magic

by Deanna Chase, Selene Charles, SM Reine, Dannika Dark, Kate Danley

Immerse yourself in the riveting world of vampires, shifters, mages, witches, ghosts, mediums, angels, and all things magic.

A thrilling collection of the finest in urban fantasy. Sit back and binge on five full-length novels that will have you on the edge-of-your-seat. Romance, magic, mystery, and shocking twists that will leave you breathless.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Dragon Shifter´s Chosen Mate

by Jasmine Wylder

The only man who can keep her safe is also the one that could break her heart. She will have to risk it all in order to save everything.

Cara Slovenyak is being hunted. After spending a year with an abusive boyfriend, Cara knows that it is time to move on, but when she makes her move to go things go wrong. Very wrong. With a dead body in her wake and a murderous hunter on her scent there is only one place, with one man, where she will be safe.

Marco Martinez is one of the most powerful men in the world. A billionaire who owns half of Miami, he is also a powerful dragon shape shifter. With his womanizing ways, and rich playboy entitlement, he is thrown off balance when he feels the need to protect Cara from the evil forces coming her way.

As the chemistry between Cara and Marco sizzles, both parties try to call it physical attraction and leave it at the door. But as danger gets closer and their need for each other increases, there may be only one way to make it out alive.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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