Ten Thousand Hours

by Ren Benton

During a weekend in paradise, Ivy discovers the passion missing from her sensible existence in the arms of a handsome stranger. She returns home, where no one suspects she possesses a secret wild side — no one except the one-night stand standing in her dining room. Griff barely recognizes this cautious woman as the brazen temptress who left an impression on his flesh a week ago, but there’s no mistaking the sensual nature hidden behind her prim and proper façade. He makes an indecent proposal: a fling in which Ivy plays all the parts too untamed for her everyday life. The offer is too enticing to resist — and too good to last. When reality intrudes, Ivy can’t neglect family duty for a selfish fantasy. To keep his place in the life of the woman he loves, Griff must prove they can have forever… one hour at a time.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Thunder & Roses

by Mary Jo Putney

They called him the Demon Earl. They said he could do anything. Son of a rogue and a Gypsy, Nicholas Davies was a notorious rake until a shattering betrayal left him alone and embittered in the Welsh countryside.

Desperation drives quiet schoolteacher Clare Morgan to ask the Demon Earl to help save her village. Unwilling to involve himself in the problems of others, Nicholas sets an impossible price on his aid–only if Clare agrees to live with him for three months, letting the world think the worst, will he intervene.

Furiously Clare accepts his outrageous challenge, and the two are swept into an intoxicating Regency world of danger and desire. As allies, Clare and Nicholas fight to save her community. As adversaries, they explore the hazardous terrain of power and sensuality. And as lovers, they surrender to a passion that threatens the very foundations of their lives.

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Category: Historical Romance

Dirty Addiction

by Ella Miles

Matteo Carini is used to getting what he wants, and he’s decided he wants to take me.

He was never supposed to enter my life again. He was obsessed with Nina, my best friend. He stole her. He did unthinkable things to her. But she chose his brother instead.
Now he thinks I’m the key to getting Nina back.
He’s wrong.
I’m used to dealing with the worst of the worst. I lock away criminals for a living. I can handle Matteo. I don’t care he’s the ruler of the Carini Empire. I won’t let him take Nina.
He wants Nina, but he’s a patient man. He’ll steal me, break me, to get her back.
I won’t let him.
Even if I become addicted to the darkness.

I always knew that there was evil in this world. I just didn’t realize evil would ever come for me.

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Category: Erotic Romance

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