The Siren’s Son

by Helen Scott

When an immortal warrior meets a Scottish lass bewildered by the magic she has inherited, he yearns to protect her. But will his attentions doom them both to Zeus’ anger? Or worse, make his lovely mortal the target of the goddess Circe’s growing evil?

Alec Cantio is the son of a siren. He and his three brothers hide their true identities while protecting humans from the negligence of the gods. All Alec wants when he visits his favorite magic shop, Speak O’ the Devil, are provisions for his task. But he finds instead a mortal woman, innocent and brave, who tempts him with all he is forbidden to have.

Eilidh MacLeod just wants to close her granddad’s shop, and mourn him in peace. But when she’s thrust into a world filled with magic, mythical creatures, and gods, she must find a way to control her powers, or be destroyed by a vengeful Circe. But how can she concentrate around the magnetic Alec? Her powerful attraction to him could endanger them all.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Rogue Cowboy

by Fiona Hunter

What do you do when you’re supposed to marry the one man you cannot stand?

Time is ticking for Leona Mason, the golden-haired, beautiful and virgin daughter of a wealthy cattle rancher. Her father has made his decision. She is to marry the one man she cannot bear.

Hank Lawson is arrogant, boorish and a rogue. His family is filthy rich, but Hank has chosen to live his life as a cowboy. He is everything Leona hates. So why does this strange heat fill her body whenever she sees him?

But when Hank protects her from a gang and takes her with him, Leona is forced to see him in a new light. This is not the moment to linger on passionate fantasies, though. Hank has many enemies.

Will Leona and Hank overcome them? Will their passion be allowed to flower? And what will Leona’s family make of a man who has, to all intents and purpose, stolen her?

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Category: Historical Romance

Anchor (First to Fight Book 1)

by Nicole Blanchard

I’ll do anything to save her.

A woman I’ve never met, whose name I don’t even know, gambled her own life to protect my child. In return, she was taken by a mad man.

I’ll put my career, my security, and my life on the line to get her back, even if it means facing the truth about my own mistakes.

The only thing she can’t trust me with…is her heart.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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