The Last Call

by Nikki Belaire

I’m no angel, and he’s definitely no saint. We’ve crossed paths on the way to hell, and now he thinks we’re going to enjoy the rest of the ride together…

I said no. He said yes.
I turned him down. He kicked in my door.
He told me to stay. I ran as far as I could.
I hate him. He adores me.
I’m crazy. He’s worse.
I want to leave. He won’t let me go.
I’m a b*#ch. He loves me anyway.
He’s a killer. I don’t really care.
He says I’m strong, beautiful, talented. I say he’s lying.
He’s doing everything he can to make me believe it. I’m doing everything I can to resist him.
He fights and f*@ks as hard as I do, and now…I think I might like him too.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Omega’s Deception

by Lillian Sable

She never wanted to be Omega.

Ianthe keeps her freedom because her dynamic is a carefully guarded secret. An Omega is the property of whatever Alpha is strong enough to claim her. So Ianthe toils in the slums, pretending to be Beta. When Legion, a brutal cartel boss discovers her deception, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Her Protector

by RS Lively

Marriage was the last thing on my mind.
Then I met the red-haired beauty.

They say love makes you do crazy things.
Running through a burning building to save Alice. Check.
Saving her theater. Check.
Giving her a baby. Check.
Getting married by mistake. Check.

I’m a billionaire and I always get what I want.
But there’s a few secrets I can’t tell.
Secrets that could break her…
Everything is on the line.
But I’ll do whatever it takes.
For her. For our baby.

I’ll save and protect Alice.
From this day on. Forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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