Buried Obsession

by Roxy Sinclaire

Camila was everything I wanted, but she doesn’t know the danger she was in. I won’t let anything get in the way of having her.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Covert Boss: A Billionaire Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

A billionaire boss goes undercover to catch a thief. A down-on-her-luck, small town girl tries to make it in the big city. Can they work together, or will their lies stand in the way of true love?

It was the worst day of my life. Dumped by my fiancé, fired, and thrown out on the street. It couldn’t get any worse. Oh wait, I’m broke too. Luckily, a friend has a place for me to stay. There’s a catch though. I can’t let anyone know I’m living there. Unfortunately, that’s going to be a big problem with the hot new security guard snooping around. I’ll have to come up with something to keep him away. Question is, do I really want to?

There’s a thief in one of my hotels and I’m going to catch them. Normally I would just hire someone to handle it, but a stupid bet with my condescending older brother has me pretending to be a security guard. Great news is that hot little blond who just moved in may make this job a lot more thrilling than I thought. Only problem is she’s hiding something from me. Could she be the thief I’m looking for? And if she is, can I keep my hands off her long enough to prove it?

Covert Boss is a billionaire romance featuring a strong, down-to-earth, alpha male and a sweet, hard-working girl trying to get back on her feet. You’ll find passion, love, and enough twists to keep you turning the pages. If you love billionaire romances with a bit of mystery mixed in, this one’s for you! HEA with no cheating!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Stephanie Nicole Norris

At the celebration of her best friend’s wedding, Claudia Steven’s is trying to sort out her tumultuous emotions, regarding the groom’s best man and brother, Jaden Alexander Rose.

What started as a platonic relationship, has turned into a battle of wills whenever they find themselves together. Their heated exchanges have risen to the surface, and desire spills over on contact. However, Claudia fears she is not enough to be on the arm of a prestigious benefactor like Jaden. And Claudia is sure that’s why he’s friend-zoned her.

Multimillionaire investment banker, Jaden Alexander Rose is here today and gone tomorrow. Business is his priority, which is why he has kept the passion that grows for Claudia at arm’s length. But the bachelor cannot seem to fight off the dynamic hold Claudia has on him, ever since meeting her six months ago at a charity event. Now at his brother’s wedding, Jaden crosses that platonic line, and he has every intention of showing Claudia she’s all he needs and more.

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Category: African American Romance

Only If You Dare

by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Life at the Houston Report for Investigative Journalist Desiree Stevens is no longer a fulfilling one. She’s contemplating moving back to Chicago where her family resides, but Desiree can’t deny that returning to her hometown for the sake of employment is her only reason. Just a few weeks prior, Desiree had the pleasure of meeting philanthropist Julian Alexander Rose, awkwardly enough, at the hospital. And since the strange encounter, getting Julian off her mind has been Desiree’s biggest failure.

International male model, Julian Alexander Rose is in the highlight of his career. But from the moment his world collides with Claudia Stevens, Julian’s certain there’s more to their supernatural connection. Being a man unwilling to let Desiree get away, Julian formulates the perfect plan that lands them alone together, and his next move may just bring him to his knees.

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What I Wasn’t Look For

by Olivia Hardin

Dip your toes into the ocean waters of Simoneaux Bayou. A small town where the women are spicy, the men are sexy and love can always be found…

Austin: For as long as I can remember, my dad has wanted to find his biological father. I’ve been searching for three long years, but now I’ve reached the end of the line. It’s time to call it quits, admit defeat and go home . . . and then I met her.

Mary: Times have been hard at Simoneaux Bayou since the hurricane came in and swallowed things up. But the community’s beginning to rebuild, and I’ve started to think maybe we’ll find a little bit of normal again soon. Tourists are coming back to Louisiana. Things have been so busy, I can barely stop to catch my breath . . . and then I met him.

The spark that ignites during a summer fling just might burn into the kind of love neither of us knew we were looking for…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taxing Courtship

by Jaycee Jarvis

Lady by day, lockpick by night, Lady Emmanuella has serious misgivings about her latest sneak job, but she’ll do any dangerous task for the cacao beans needed to sustain her late mother’s temple. The job is only made worse by a compelling attraction to her sweet and sexy client—a dreaded tax collector, marked for service to the Troika by his feline familiar.

As an air-gifted Hand of Destin, Han-Auditor Quintin enforces the law with honor, until a powerful seer needs his help and the duplicitous Lady Em lands on his lap—literally. Caught skulking around his boss’s office, they pose as lovers. This seductive charade ends in disaster when Quintin must collect tribute from Em’s father’s estate. Exposing her will reveal their web of lies, protecting her could mean exile. Quintin almost wishes he’d never met Lady Em but if his lovely thief is so wrong for him, why do her kisses feel so right?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

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