Reigning Magicks

by Candace Osmond & JJ King

She’ll Reign Over His Heart…In This Time or Another.
After decades of war, two hostile druid factions come close to a peace treaty that could save hundreds of lives. All they need is the hand of Princess Ashlynn to seal the deal, but the stubborn and powerful daughter of Clann Kavanagh’s High Priestess will have nothing of it.

Desperate to change her fate, Ashlynn ventures into the forbidden forest in search of an ancient spell. When the old magic goes awry, the princess finds herself thrown into the future and stranded in an unknown land.

With the help of a handsome and powerful Romani sorcerer, Ashlynn searches for answers and a way home even though every moment spent at Cian’s side makes Ashlynn less certain of her desires.

Now she must decide if the past is worth changing or if their future is worth fighting for.
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Category: Fantasy Romance


by KC Bergen

Belly laugh your way to shredded abs with Novak, a standalone romantic comedy about a Slovenian shepherd searching for love in California, inspired by modern classics like Borat and There’s Something about Mary.

After a string of disastrous dates, Mary concludes that Solvang, California, is full of freaks and nutjobs. So she signs up to a dating site. One dreamy man of mystery catches her eye: a hotshot special agent named Tristan Drimov.

Meanwhile, Novak, a shepherd in Slovenia, is looking for a proper lady. He meets Mary online and they hit it off. Unfortunately, they’re about to be pitted against the scheming film producer Mary was once married to, as well as an actor who looks just like Tristan Drimov.

In a world that’s churning out false truths and absurd role models, Novak is the hilarious, heartwarming story about finding love and keeping it. Like love, Novak knows no bounds.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

His Many Demands

by Ali Parker

My Needs.
My Demands.
Your Pleasure.
You’re Welcome.
I don’t play typical games, but the ones I do play, I always win.
And regardless of how taboo our relationship might become, I’m all in.
The reward is worth the risk.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hunting Darkness

by Savannah Rose

There’s only one word to describe the devil’s kiss.

There’s only one word to describe a hunter who locks lips with the most revered, most feared, and most despicable demon to have ever existed.

A hunter and the Devil. It’s not just an unlikely pair. It’s an impossible one. Add his two henchmen to the mix and there’s only one word that spells.

I am Melody Black. Daughter of the New York Guild’s leader. Daughter of the best hunter to have ever existed. But daddy dearest is about to lose his title. He’s conquered a lot, but the one thing he has never done is come face to face with Lucifer himself. Now, here I am, standing with the King of Demons, sword palmed, stance perfected.

There is only one thing left to do.
Defeat him.

There is only one feeling meant to be felt.

Instead, desire rips through my body, and even though Lucifer doesn’t touch me, I can feel him everywhere.

I am the hunter, but I am also the hunted.

And it’s not just Lucifer who has his dark eyes fixated on me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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