Gold Cage

by Francesca Baez

“Dark, twisty, and all-around amazing!” ~ NYT Bestselling Author Anna Zaires

I’m not a queen, but I might as well be.

Instead of a castle, I have a sprawling mansion. Instead of a kingdom, I have a giant trust fund. And instead of a happy ever after, I have a dark secret.

The fragile life I’ve built for myself falls apart when an unexpected enemy takes me hostage in my own home. Turns out, there’s one thing that money can’t protect you from: the truth.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Covert Boss: A Billionaire Enemies to Friends Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

Dumped by my fiancé, fired by the same fiancé (a little piece of advice, don’t poop where you eat) and thrown out on the street. It couldn’t get any worse. Oh wait, I’m broke too. So, I go to the only friend I know in the whole city that might help me, a friend I haven’t talked to in like three years. Luckily, she has a place for me to stay, only catch is I have to pretend to work there. And you know, I’m really not into the whole work thing. But there’s this hot security guard there and he really seems to like me. Problem is I have a little policy about only dating rich guys and he’s definitely not that. I don’t know though, there’s something about him. Maybe, I might just break that golden rule.

There’s a thief in one of my hotels and I’m going to catch ‘em. Normally I would just hire someone to handle all that, but a stupid bet with my condescending older brother has me pretending to be a security guard. Plus, I have to live on a working man’s salary for a month to win this damn bet. But I can do it, because I never lose. Only problem is there’s this gorgeous girl working at the hotel and she thinks I’m this poor blue-collar dude. Could I actually win her heart without telling her I’m a billionaire? Oh, and one other small problem I forget to mention; that beautiful blond, she may be the thief.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Tracked by Trouble

by Calinda B

“Trouble. On my trail. Tracking me like a killer. I’d rather be tracked by love.”
Zed wants to run from his past.
Back in elementary school, with his head in a book or a science project, Zed’s older brother Lawson used to tease him relentlessly. Later, as they grew older, and Zed threw away the glasses and the books, the taunts turned to out and out bullying. And then his brother became a trained sniper for the Marines. A recent encounter with Lawson left Zed scared out of his wits…only thing is, he doesn’t remember why.
Beck wants to hide from her future.
Rebecca “Beck” Tosetti goes through men, mostly athletes, like party snacks. But then she met Zed, training for a triathlon. He’s hot. He’s caring. He’s funny and intelligent. And, he has big holes in his memory that frighten her.
When they meet, sparks fly. And then, a passionate kiss, followed by sweet promises. There’s a secret in the way of their love, held by Zed and his sniper brother, the Marine. Zed can’t remember the secret…but he fears it might mean his death.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

A Dangerous Game

by Dee Dawning

At seventeen, Loretta was kicked out of the family home when she became pregnant. Lost and alone, she eventually made her way to Las Vegas, where she’s worked and thrived on her own. Now, at 39, Loretta’s loving life, and an intense fling with a much-younger man is only her most recent adventure.

However, a conversation with an old friend brings up a disturbing notion [about her new boy-toy], and Loretta has to dig deep to come up with some answers–about her life, her past, and her future.

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Category: Erotic Romance

All His Secrets (Previously Titled “Mr. Control”)

by Maya Hughes

Could this day get worse? A drained bank account, a bloody knee, and getting kicked out of my place.

The world wants a piece of Rhys Thayer. He’s one of the most powerful men in the world and he walks into my diner with an offer I can’t refuse. And every look sends my heart racing.

Everyone thinks they know him, but I’m uncovering his secrets…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Spell of Us

by Casey Morgan

I’m getting lucky in Luck’s Hollow… five times over!

My luck in my hometown of Love’s Hollow, New York, ran out when I walked in on my sister and my fiancé together right before what was supposed to be my wedding. As witches, we’re supposed to use our powers for good, not evil, but she’s clearly the bad witch of the family.

I fled them both, and decided to take my planned honeymoon by myself, in Luck’s Hollow, Ireland, where my distant relatives are from. Like Love’s Hollow, it’s a secluded, safe, woodsy place for non-human fairy creatures. I soon find out that the brothers who own Hennessy House Bed & Breakfast, where I’m staying, are big, strong elves who are super hot… and they all seem to have the hots for me!

I can’t decide which one I should be with, and at first that’s not a problem because I soon become too busy making spells to ward off the evil powers I encounter from my Irish relatives, the O’Donnells. (It seems I found out where my sister’s bad witch genes came from). But then, the elf brothers are able to help me… and flirt with me, and tell me they want to share me and take me all at the same time.

I start to realize I might not have to choose between them. With so many options available to take away the bad memories from back home, what’s a witch to do here in Luck’s Hollow but give in to all the elves at once?

Is it just a fling, or can the handsome elves not only make me feel good but also help me work my magic, solve my family problems and find a very Irish happy ever after?

The Spell of Us is a collection of four full-length steamy urban fantasy reverse harem paranormal romance novels about female witches falling for multiple male elves who all want to please one lucky lady at once- there’s no m/m action. Each book is standalone but connected by the same characters and worlds, so they’re best read all together in this one series box set! The stories are complete and contain no cliffhangers or cheating. They do contain happy ever afters and a lot of heat and are for mature readers only.

The books contained in this collection are:

1): The Spell of Three
2): The Spell of Four
3): The Spell of Five
4): The Spell of Six

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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