Best Laid Plans

by B. Hollidae

After nothing but bad luck in the area of love despite her best-laid plans, Spring decides she’s skipping the love and marriage and headed straight to the baby carriage with the decision to get artificially inseminated.

Then she meets Bilal, and they click over a mutual admiration for art and geek culture.

But he just broke off an engagement two months before he was supposed to say “I do,” and he’s not willing to talk about it.

Huge red flag.

Bilal’s a nice guy. And he sees to the woman who doesn’t need anyone to take care of her but wants to be taken care of anyway.

Their relationship is supposed to be casual, and Spring plans to enjoy it as long as it will last before she carries out her baby plans.

But as the line between casual and serious starts to blur, Spring has to start thinking. Do she and Bilal really want the same things? Does it really matter?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Walking Heartbreak

by Sunniva Dee

For fans of Colleen Hoover and Alessandra Torre comes this magnificent romance where nothing is the way it seems. Don’t judge too early—you just might have done the same.

In rock star Bo Lindgren’s world, you shun relationships and stick to plowing your fangirls. If only Nadia Vidal hadn’t sifted into his rock’n roll lifestyle with her veiled, enigmatic beauty, her desire, guilt… and husband.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taboo For You

by Anyta Sunday

Sam’s freaking out.
He’s 30 in three weeks. And what has he done in his twenties? It’s pretty simple math: nothing exciting at all. But hey, he has three weeks right? Maybe that’s just enough time to tick his way through a 20s Must Do List . . .

Luke’s freaking screwed.
He’s come out to his family, and his friends. Except there’s a certain someone who doesn’t know yet: his neighbor of 7 years. Who also happens to be his best friend. Who Luke needs to tell the truth, but he just . . . can’t . . . seem to . . .

Jeremy’s freaking over-the-moon.
It’s the countdown to his 15th birthday, and his goal is simple. No matter what, he’s going to spend heaps of time with saucy Suzy. But first he needs to get his over-protective, no-girlfriend-’cause-you’ll-get-her-pregnant parents off his back. And what better way than pretending he’s gay?

Sam, Luke, and Jeremy. Three guys who have a lot of history together, and a lot of future too—

—well, if they can sort out their issues, that is.

“Taboo For You” is a slow burn, Friends To Lovers story with HEA. This sweet & cozy M/M romance can be read as a standalone.

“Taboo For You” is an acclaimed Friends-To-Lovers gay romance, and was Runner Up for Best Gay Contemporary Romance in the Rainbow Awards 2013 and nominated for Best Gay/Out For You in the Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards 2013. It currently has 75 reviews on Amazon with a 4.3 average, and more than 2600 ratings on Goodreads with a 3.95 average.
It’s the first book in the “Love & Family” series which will be continued in May 2019.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Claiming His Easter Bunny

by Lulu Pratt

This surgeon doesn’t do relationships
She’s dressed as the Easter bunny bringing joy to sick children.
All I can think about is ripping off the bunny suit and giving her some joy.
But she makes me feel ways I’ve never felt.
I’m the doctor but somehow she’s healing me.
I’m going to break all my rules – she’s mine

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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