Bionic Outlaw’s Baby: A Secret Baby Sci-Fi Romance

by Zara Zenia

I thought that I knew it all. Until they turned me into a machine and wanted to use me as a weapon. I found love. But as usual, it was time for me to run. Until she found me and told me the impossible. That she was carrying my baby.

He worked for my dad. But then he got fired because I loved him. He’s the only one I’ve ever been with. But then I found out I’m carrying his baby. He doesn’t even know yet. I need to find him. My dad wants me to get an abortion. Who would marry a single mom? What am I going to do?

Bionic Outlaw’s Baby is a sci-fi secret baby romance novel. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happy ending!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Alpha´s Desire

by Jasmine Wylder

He swore he’d never do it. She vowed to work alone. But circumstances have changed, and sacrifices must be made.

Sienna Blaine is not your typical lone wolf. Cast out of her pack by 17 vindictive Alphas, she vowed to make her own rules and stay one step ahead of the game – no matter the price. Skilled at discerning fact from fiction, she’s fully capable of keeping potential threats at bay. But for all her strengths, she has a weakness – one that compromises her ability to trust.

Alpha wolf Brody McAllister earned the nickname “Broody Brody” for a reason. His stone-faced, take-no-prisoners attitude separates him from the rest, but when one of his pack members goes missing, his less-than-animated personality is put to the ultimate test. Anger turns to desperation as he struggles to maintain control and unravel the mystery behind the young woman’s disappearance.

Sparks fly as Sienna’s carefree lifestyle threatens to crack Brody’s perfectly polished control, but when the Kodiak den threatens her life, Brody’s wolf is poised to rip throats and take names to keep her safe from harm.

Chances are Brody and Sienna could be fated mates, but is that a chance either is willing to take?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Be Mine: (A Smut Collection)

by J.L. Beck

If you’re a fan of smut then you’ll want to get your hands on this ebook! For a limited time you can get FIVE of J.L. Beck’s bestselling books in one place, for one cheap price.

What’s included in this smut package?

Their Virgin: Hello, TWINS! Need I say more. (M/F/M Romance)
Extra Credit: This professor has finally met his match.
C*ck Tease: She’s in love with her DADDY’S best friend.
Santa’s Assistant: Can he make all her dreams come true?
Babysitting Love: He needs a nanny, and she wants a baby.

One click your copy today, and remember, every book, ALWAYS cums with a happily ever after, alpha male (or two), and a strong heroine. Leave your panties behind, you won’t be needing them anyway!

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Category: Erotica

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