A Cowboy’s Strength

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

When friendship ends, passion begins…
Zane McGavin is fit to be tied. His childhood friend Mandy Fielding has waltzed into town and announced she’s moving her mother to New York. Never mind that her mom loves Eagles Nest, Montana and would be miserable in the big city. He’s determined to talk Mandy into seeing reason but his plan backfires and he ends up kissing her instead.

Mandy has a few choice words for Zane McGavin and his opinions. She expected him to support her plan but instead he’s crossing her at every turn…and looking too damned sexy doing it. When did her former playmate turn into a gorgeous cowboy? And why does he have to kiss better than any man she’s ever met?

She’s convinced she knows what’s best. So is he. Will they both lose in this battle of wills?

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Category: Western Romance

The Spell of Five: Luck’s Hollow Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Luck’s Hollow Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance Book 3)

by Casey Morgan

Four muscular, strapping elves. A witch who has been betrayed. And a curse that will bring them together in more ways then one.

When Keira McBain receives an invitation to her grandfather’s wedding, it comes at the best time. She just found her boyfriend with another woman, and although he pleads that it will never happen again, she is happy to leave New York for Ireland. Even if it is just for a few days.

Luck’s Hollow, her grandfather’s home, is a charming little village and the perfect place to find someone new. Keira is on the prowl for someone new to take her mind off old wounds and she’s got her sights set on an Irish elf. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and not alone.

Seth, Tavish, Connor, and Ronan Hallister are four incredibly handsome elves who are all working her grandfather’s wedding. Keira wants them to all work her as well, but when flirting turns to fighting between brothers, she starts to worry. Are four elves too much?

She pulls away, only to find herself in worse trouble. The McDonnells are the curse of Luck’s Hollow and Keira walks right into their grasp. A few misspoken words and they put a curse on her. She has to bear the pain of people abusing their name; anyone who speaks ill will towards the McDonnells will directly cause her harm.

Burdened with the curse, Keira sets out to find a way to break it, but she’s not alone. The Hallister brothers promise to help her break the curse and they each vie to win her affections. Their journey takes them all over southern Ireland, speaking to elves, sprites, leprechauns, and witches, taking in the scenery and enjoying hot nights together.

As the spell breaks away, Keira finds her heart entangled. She loves and wants each of the Hallister brothers.

Can the elves be taught to share? Or will brotherly quarrels break up the best thing she’s ever had?

The Spell of Five is a full-length urban fantasy steamy reverse harem paranormal romance. It is intended for ages 18 and up due to its heat level and adult situations and language.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Opening Day

by Amber Lynne Hughes

I don’t have time for a girlfriend. I was up front about that.

I’m a pro baseball player. Baseball is my life. I’m on the road 9 months out of the year. There’s no space for anything or anyone else in my life.

Enter Vanessa. Despite my best intentions, I can’t keep my mind off of her–or my hands!

She’s my sometimes girl–my friends-with-benefits when I’m in town for Spring Training each year. Only this year, she’s got a surprise for me: she had my baby last year while I was off playing the game.

Now I’ve got a decision to make. Baseball is everything, but there’s no way I’m walking away from Vanessa or our child.

Opening Day is the first in a series of steamy romances about the hot guys of the Cougars professional baseball team. If you’re looking for a sweet love story with a happy ever after that’s not TOO wholesome, I think you’ll be a fan of Vanessa and Jay.

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Category: Sports Romance

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