Crushed Velvet

by Silke Black

Abuse and giving pleasure are the only things Teresa has known for the last few years: as long as her head stays down and her client list full, she will be fine.

In over her head after signing into a sex trafficking contract, Teresa makes a living but pays most of it back to her corrupt Madame. After working in the underground clubs, she moves outside the club scene to take on her own clients.

The only friend she has is her ex-roommate June, who has plenty of issues of her own. Thoroughly tied to her abuses, Teresa sees no other option but to continue living this way – until her old bodyguard is replaced by the gorgeous ex-Navy sweetheart Drew, who insists on being her friend.

Soon, Teresa begins to see that not everyone in her life is abusive… and that pleasure is not a fairy tale.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Taming Ryock

by Sara Page and Sean Moriarty

Abducted. Stolen from Earth. I wake up in a strange alien laboratory to discover my alien captors plan to use me in a breeding experiment.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Arcadian Bears Boxed Set

by Becca Jameson

The Arcadian Bears are grizzly shifters ruled by the Arcadian Council, the North American governing body for shifters. They populate the rural area around Silvertip, Alberta, Canada, and belong to two rival packs, whose leading families own the local breweries, where a family and pack rivalry has existed for years until a battle breaks out over new product launches. They struggle to find mates and raise their families in peace and anonymity, but evil done by one of their own and mates found in unexpected places causes them to question their own laws and government and shifts the very ground under their feet. In the aftermath, love conquers all and leads them to greater understanding and a new beginning.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Down and Dirty #1

by Ali Parker and J.H. Croix

Dive into a whole new world of deception, love and family with Shameless Southern Nights, a new contemporary romance series from USA Today Bestselling Authors J.H. Croix & Ali Parker

A small town can hide many secrets. It can also expose every secret you have.

I’ve spent almost my entire life in Cypress Creek. My family was once a pillar of the community, but times have changed – for the worse.

One look at Marie Nix, and I’m determined to have her. She’s everything I want and then some. She may be too pure for me, but I can’t help myself.

Unfortunately, like me and our small town, she has skeletons in her closet. Her past isn’t staying in the shadows.

Regardless of the things she’s done, once I have a taste of life with her, all I want is more.

Even if it puts me face to face with the threats surrounding her, I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make her mine.

This is Book 1 of the Down & Dirty trilogy. You will have to purchase book 2 and 3 to continue the saga. The next trilogy, Slow and Steady will tell the story of Sonny, one of the other brothers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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