by Shandi Boyes

A scorching contemporary romance read from the author who brought you the Enigma and Perception series.

Can a struggling journalist ward off the attention of the dominant businessman she’s been assigned to investigate? Or will the intangible world of dominance and secrecy overwhelm her so much her astute morals will falter?

With sexual friction so great it sparks off the pages, watch Cleo Garcia emerge into a world set to either destroy or dominate her. Will she have the strength to bring the story of the century to fruition by suppressing her lust-inspired heart’s desires? Or will she break the strict terms of her employment contract by succumbing to the mystery man’s alluring persona?

With no greater poison to an ethical mind than lust, this is not going to be a fair fight.

From the author who brought you the Perception and Enigma series comes the next tantalizing installment.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taming the Alien Warriors

by Rie Warren

Dex and Jedrek are famed Zenithian warriors of the Valkrane class. Close friends and comrades for decades, the two males tough it out on the training grounds, share living quarters, and even take the same females to bed. But now, newfound lust for Dex has consumed Jedrek for months, and he’s about to make the male his latest conquest.

Enter Laurel. Sweet, human, female, but far from oblivious. For years, the massive pair of warriors have maintained careful distance while making sure no others take advantage of her maiden charms. And Laurel’s about fed up with them cock-blocking her.

When new danger descends on Zenithia, Jedrek, Dex, and Laurel are thrown into close quarters, which only ignites their three-way lust to boiling point. Just as ultimate intergalactic love seems within their reach, the plot against humans on Zenithia reaches its deadliest endgame.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Gentlemen Prefer Spinsters

by Samantha Holt

If you have been ruined or have simply had enough of the male of the species, Lady Merry would like to welcome you to the Spinsters Club. The first rule of Spinsters Club: You do not talk about Spinsters Club.

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Category: Historical Romance

Romancing Wisconsin Volume IV – Spring Boxed Set

by Stacey Joy Netzel

Volume III of the USA Today bestselling Romancing Wisconsin series, books 9-11. All books are standalone.

SPRING FLING: Trevor and Tessa find out a week of no-strings fun is never that simple when someone breaks the rules and falls in love.

SPRING SERENDIPITY: SWAT Officer Shane Parker was happy as a bachelor, until one night with beautiful widow, Lora Howell. The more time he spends with her and her two young boys, the more determined he is to convince her he’s ready to settle down—but a bombshell from the past threatens everything.

SPRING DREAMS: Ex-con Alex Riley has a chip on his shoulder bigger than the Grand Canyon. Former social worker Emma Winston is used to dealing with surly teenagers, yet her first encounters with Alex make her want to smack the man. But the more she glimpses a good heart beneath his gruff exterior, the harder it is to remember they don’t share the same dream.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Simone Sowood

Some people can’t be fixed.

The paparazzi are hounding me about a sex scandal and I have to get away.
So I run.
Not just from them, from my past, my present, from everything.
When my car breaks down I end up walking straight into a peach of a bare ass.
The fucking luck of ending up in the middle of a boudoir photo shoot.
Elsie’s bent over, ass in the air and ripe for picking.
Insisting she’s not the kind of girl who normally does this sort of thing.
A thousand things I want to do to her flash through my mind.
Being my salvation isn’t one of them but that’s what she is.
A green eyed beauty who belongs to me.
Hope for the first time in my life.
But she’s hiding something.
And it ruins our future.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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