Roping His Heart

by Jaclyn Hardy

Rachel has dreamed of owning the old mansion down the road for as long as she can remember. So when she runs into a handsome city guy who claims to own the home, her world turns upside down.

Patrick’s career is just taking off in the city, and he couldn’t be happier. But when an old deed to a mansion turns up in his deceased father’s belongings, Patrick decides to travel to Idaho to see if he can use it for his business.

Patrick meets the beautiful and fiery Rachel at the mansion, and sparks fly. Now he must decide if his business is worth going home to, or if he’s willing to leave his city life for the woman who has roped his heart.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Taming His Heart

by Jaclyn Hardy

Laura is finally done with college and could really use a break. What she didn’t expect was to find herself spending a summer on a ranch in the middle of rural Idaho, but it’s exactly what she needs.

Justin has worked at Cottonwood Ranch for years, and loves his job. And up until he meets Laura at Cottonwood Manor, he’s perfectly happy putting every waking moment into the ranch.

The spark between them is undeniable, but the fact that Laura is only there for a few months hangs over their heads. Will she convince Justin that there is more to life than work, or will she go back to the world she’s willing to leave behind?

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Glide: An Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance

by Tani Hanes

Jack LaGuardia is a serious swimmer, a serious student, a serious person. He eats, swims, studies, repeats. He has no time for frivolous things like dating, drinking, or parties. He certainly doesn’t have time for supermodel turned movie starlets like Kelsey Carlisle, who is basically a Victoria’s Secret underwear model party girl. Just because she thinks she’s now an actress doesn’t mean the world is going to think so, or take her seriously as one. They meet one hot summer in sunny Los Angeles, two people who can’t stand each other at first, and sparks fly, both the good kind and the bad, as they try to make a situation work for both of them, because he needs her money, and she needs his skill.

She’s hired Jack to teach her to swim for a part in a movie so she’ll look more “legit,” but he’s for sure going to need more than four months to make Kelsey Carlisle look like an Olympic swimmer, right? And he’s definitely not going to fall for her, just because she’s beautiful and sexy and used to walk on a runway in lingerie, right? And there’s no way she’d fall for such a goody-two-shoes, stick in the mud, just because he’s got a totally hot bod to die for, would she?

This is a love story between the most unlikely couple you’re ever going to meet. They hate each other the first time they meet, because she thinks he’s stodgy and square and boring, and he thinks she’s flighty and silly and maybe a little trashy. And, it takes a little time, but she starts to see that maybe he’s just dependable, and kind, and mature, and that those things can be nice, especially when things go terribly wrong in her life and she needs a grown up to depend on. And he starts to see that she’s serendipitous and mercurial funny and fun, maybe she just needs someone to hold onto when things get rough for her, and that he can be that person for her.

This is a classic story of opposites attracting, of two halves making a whole, of two completely different people completing each other.

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Category: Sports Romance

The Highlander’s Promise

by Anne Morrison

Ava is as wild as the Highlands that birthed her. Nicholas has lost everything. On their path to find Nicholas’s lost niece, their love burns bright, but war and loyalty threaten to tear them apart! Will their passion doom them?

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Category: Historical Romance

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