Your Loss

by Layla Simon

It’s meant to be one night.

The arrangement isn’t something I sought. Not something I wanted. It’s a means to an end, nothing more.

And yes, I enjoyed myself in his stupidly wealthy household, however shameful that is to admit. But it doesn’t change anything. A little unexpected pleasure doesn’t alter the fact that Lachlan’s father is the largest crime boss in the city. It doesn’t stop my dad from being an addicted gambler unable to pay his debts. None of it rewrites our agreement or renegotiates the terms.

Once it’s over, I expect us to go back to normal. Two teenagers who exist in different social circles, ignoring each other inside the high school walls. Him with his clique of elites, running the place more efficiently than the principal could ever dream of. Me, a girl who comes from nothing, facing a future that’s equally bleak. I’m situated so far below him he shouldn’t even know my name.

One night. Whatever he wants. Done and dusted.

A pity Lachlan didn’t get the memo.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance