Wrestle for Love

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Keith wants this woman but she is not in his league…

Keith has lived in the small town of Maidridge all his life. He is kind, quiet, and handsome, but almost everyone in the small town judges him because of his father’s lies about his sick mother. Keith felt unfairly judged because everyone believed his mother was a sick whore abandoned by her husband because he could not stand her anymore.

Keith made peace with the perception and decided to focus on helping his mother and enjoying his music until Melanie, a local beauty who has well-to-do parents, befriends him.

Unfortunately, they both left the small town before he could tell her how he felt and all odds are against them being together.

When fate brings them together again, they are both committed, but…
Is it too late for Melanie and Keith to rekindle the flame?
Will commitments they have, pull them apart?

Get your copy but be warned that this story has explicit sex and graphic language that will make your mama blush.

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Category: Erotic Romance