by Curtis Edmonds

Wendy Jarrett is a thirty-year-old estate lawyer in Morristown, New Jersey with a massive student loan debt and no social life. She works sixty hours a week and spends the rest of her time in her condo, making up bizarre cocktails and watching real estate programs on TV. Wendy’s last boyfriend dropped her for a waitress named Hyllton the week before Valentine’s Day. Wendy is stressed, lonely, and desperate for a real romantic attachment.
Wendy’s overbearing mother Emily convinces Wendy to accompany her to a funeral of a man named Sheldon Berkman in the seaside resort of Cape May. On the drive south, Emily explains that she had been married to Sheldon, years before Wendy was born. Wendy also accidentally posts Sheldon’s mawkish obituary to her Facebook page, and it manages to go viral.
At the funeral, Wendy meets Adam Lewis, Sheldon’s nephew and the chief mourner. Wendy is instantly attracted to Adam, who is phenomenally cute, with kind eyes and a firm handshake

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance