Wrapped Up In Love

by C.A. Krause

Tamara has nowhere to go on Christmas, and it looks like she isn’t the only one looking for company. Fortunately, the owner of Club B is putting on a charity auction. What’s being auctioned off? Anyone who wants to join, and there is more than one Master in the club interested in bidding for some company over the holidays.

Master Ken hates Christmas, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to bid on a certain blondie who has been on his radar for a while. Why not treat himself when the proceeds go to a good cause?

But he isn’t the only one interested. When a bidding war ensues, Jonathan joins the holiday fun by pooling resources with Ken, deciding it’s about time his Grinch of a cousin gets into the holiday spirit. If that means he gets to join them? Even better. He always wanted to taste an angel.

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Category: BDSM