Wolf (State Changers Series Book 1)

by Chris Fenwick

“Wolf” is the story about a girl. Alone in the world, Casidhe Keneally is frightened to unravel her family’s secret, a secret her own body has been reporting in disturbing ways. She must travel far from the only home she has ever known, to uncover the clues her dead parents left her.

Tracked to a sleepy pub in Butte Montana, Casidhe locates the strange people who can reveal the truth, but the discovery could, quite literally, kill her.

Amidst all the changes she struggles to assimilate, Casidhe meets Dana, a woman who simply cannot exist, sparking a fire inside herself, she cannot fight.

Her travels take her deep into the realm of the Fae, the powerful and ancient Irish mythological beings, whom she realizes still endure. But some Fae are angry she has returned and will not stop until she follows the way of her parents.

In “Wolf,” Casidhe discovers her true identity, finds her people, but also finds cruelty and danger as she learns what real magic looks and feels like.

“Wolf” is the first book in the State Changers series, following the extraordinary life of Casidhe, as she learns about love, magic and the veritable power of her own spirit.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Fae (State Changers Series Book 2)

by Chris Fenwick

Even a ferocious shapeshifter, with magical Fae powers, can struggle to hold onto loved ones, especially with a murderous traitor in their midst.
Casidhe fought tooth and nail for her place in the world. With their birthday around the corner, she’s excited to finally meet her twin brother, Cian. Life is good, right?
Evil forces strike hard, stretching the pack’s bonds to the limit, as they frantically search to find the traitor among them.
All the while, Saoirse, the ancient and venerable White Wolf, and leader of all State Changers, insists Casidhe train from a mysterious book and learn the ways of the Fae in secret.
Will Casidhe’s new powers be enough to hold on to those she has worked so hard to find? Or will her worst nightmare?
Lesbian fantasy thriller, FAE delivers a one-two punch of adventure and romance with break-neck speed.

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