With You

by Jessica Marlowe

One face in a crowd…and he knew she was the one. Can Jack convince her to trust him?

Emily’s heart is broken. She caught her fiancé cheating and kicked him to the curb. With the wedding off, she’s adrift and wants nothing to do with risking her heart again. She’s not falling for this Rock Star’s line.

Will she admit the undeniable chemistry to herself?

One night couldn’t hurt anything, could it?

Jack has lived the life for too long. It’s left him empty, and he knows the reputation of musicians. There’s something unique about Emily. Jack’s not like most rockers, but how does he convince her?

He knows it could be special.

Jack’s willing to do whatever it takes.

You’ll love this steamy Rock Star romance, because Jack’s not a Bad Boy…he’s so much more.

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Category: Contemporary Romance