Winter Break Away

by Hayleigh Sol

Wake me up in January when the holidays are over.
December has always been my time to get away, get the hell outta town, escape.

Being a travel writer, chasing one extreme adventure to the next, provides plenty of opportunities to do just that. Until my new assignment—one that could catapult my career to the next level—sends me to the one place I’ve avoided my entire adult life. Switzerland.

Nothing against the land of chocolate and cheese. In fact, maybe this trip won’t be so bad…especially when the guide for my ice climbing and heliskiing tour group turns out to be a ruggedly appealing mountain man. Er, mountaineer.

Too bad he’d rather offer me safety lectures than, well, something a thousand times more satisfying for us both. Getting him to chill out and me to rein in my reckless side is gonna take a Holiday Miracle.

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